buying cycling shoes

Where to Find Coupons to Buy Cycling Shoes


When cycling, very few of us are concerned about the type of shoes we are supposed to be in.Well, today is your lucky day as we are going to focus on cycling shoes. We are

bicycle cadence

What is Cadence in Cycling?


Master Your Cadence. A common questions from cycling beginners is about cadence, what is cadence in biking? In this article you will find everything you need to understand cadence along with some insight on how to

muscles worked out while cycling

What Muscles Does Cycling Work?


Which muscles does cycling work? And How to Gain more Leg Muscle: Cycling is definitely a great activity when it comes to burning calories and also building muscle. So what muscles does cycling work? Everybody knows that

walking cycling calories

Biking or Walking: Which Burns More Calories?


What Burns More Calories: Walking or Cycling? Whether you are new to exercise, returning after an injury or simply looking for a daily workout, both walking and biking offer easy cardio options that are ideal for