Cateye Moonride

May 10, 2012 – May 11, 2012 all-day
Tui Ridge Park, Rotorua

Here’s some information to help those new to the event to know what to expect and to refresh the memories of those seasoned Moonriders.  Remember, its new venue this year.


Friday 11th May 2012 – 24 hour

  • 4pm – 9.00pm  – – Registration at Tui Ridge Park
  • 4pm – 8.00pm  – – All 24 hour team vehicles to be parked on site by 8pm
  • 8.30pm  – – Event briefing for 24 hour event
  • 9.00pm  – – Start of 24 hour event

Saturday 12th May 2012 – 6 and 12 hour

  • 7am – 8.00am – – Registration at Tui Ridge Park
  • 8.00am – – All 6 hour and 12 hour teams to be parked onsite by 8.00am
  • 8.30am – – Event briefing for 6 hour and 12 hour event
  • 9am – – Start of 6 and 12 hour event
  • 3pm – – Finish of the 6 hour event
  • 3.30pm – – Prizegiving for 6 hour event
  • 9pm – – Finish of 12 hour and 24 hour events
  • 9.30pm – – Prizegiving for 12 and 24 hour events


Tui Ridge Park is located on Oturoa Road 17 kms from Rotorua CBD. Google Map location

If you are travelling from Rotorua, travel through Ngongotaha, go over the railway line and take the second road on your left, which is Oturoa Road. Located on the corner of Oturoa Road is “Finn’s Apple Valley Orchard”. Travel 7 kms up Oturoa Road and you will find Tui Ridge Park on the corner of Anderson Road. The main camp is 2 kms from the main gate.
If you are travelling Into Tui Ridge Park on State Highway 5 from Auckland turn left Into Oturoa Road on top of the Mamaku Plateau. You will find that after you wind up through the Mamaku ranges the road straightens on top of the plateau, there is a trig station on your left, a small bus shelter on the right, importantly as a guide, there are two light poles mounted on State Highway. The road to your left is Oturoa Road, Travel 7 kms down Oturoa Road and you will find Tui Ridge Park on the corner of Anderson Road. You do not need to travel into Rotorua or Ngongotaha to get to Tui Ridge Park, indeed you will add another 15 kms to your journey!
The main camp is 2 kms from the main gate entry of Tui Ridge Park, up the gravel road



People will make their own way down to the venue.  Contact your team captain as soon as possible if you and your bike need a ride.  This year’s event starts at 9pm on Friday 11 May for the 24 hour event and 9am for the 6 and 12 hour event on Saturday 12 May so make sure your departure time takes into consideration travel time, delays and registration deadlines.



Here’s a list of places in Rotorua that cater for MTBers and where you could stay at if you haven’t yet arranged any accommodation.



Once entries are confirmed, you’ll need to register and pick up your team pack. Each team pack will have one vehicle site pass.  Registration is at Tui Park Ridge. Two tips here:

  • The time to register is Friday night.  It can be risky leaving your registration until Saturday morning especially with the 9am start time.
  • Arrange for someone from your team to register and pick up the team pack on Friday.  You could have someone else from another team do it, but you have to make sure you get the team pack and the vehicle pass from them.  (Easier said than done.)



It’s highly likely there will be limited vehicle access to the tent sites.   The trick is to have everything you need for the race, (food, spare clothing, tents BBQ etc…) all in one vehicle i.e your team’s vehicle with the site pass and use it to transport everything to your camp site.



Rona and Gary will be setting up the DoC marquee with heaters, lighting, cooking equipment etc… on Friday night.  This will be available for use for all DoC members.   Let Rona or Gary know if you can help out with set up and we’ll contact you closer to the event to arrange a time to start set up.



  • Food, hydration, warmth and shelter are what are going to get you through 12/24 hours and allow you to have a good time. Don’t skimp on the food or liquids. There are plenty of portaloos and they get cleaned out every couple of hours.  If it’s wet then spare clothes are a must.  A dry tent for changing in only is a good idea also.
  • Each team should have a first aid kit and make sure your lights are fully charged.
  • Extra riding clothes is important so you dont wear the same gear all the time. Eg: 2-3 pairs of socks for riding, 2-3 riding jerseys/top, 1 polyprop top and bottom for the evening.
  • Dont forget a rain jacket in the event it rains.
  • It’s important to keep warm between laps – especially your hands, feet and head. Bring a beanie or woolley hat to keep your head warm as well as gloves and extra socks.  It will be cold when the sun goes down.  Bring a large plastic bag or rubbish bag to collect your dirty clothes.
  • Food – ready made pasta/noodles are a good way to go. Small can of creamed rice after each lap with banana and water also good for post ride recovery.
  • Small pots and pans for cooking
  • Bring extra water.

A second tent is useful. The big one for every one to huddle around in and a second one for people to get changed in before and after rides as well as keep gear is useful.



Some good things to bring with you…

BikeSpare tubesTyre leversPump / CO2Mini-toolPatch kitWater bottle


Cable cutters

Night light (helmet) – fully charged

Rear light – fully charged

Light charger


HelmetRiding glasses (optional)Rain jacket/ light wind jacket/riding vestExtra shorts, baselayers, jerseysSpare shoes & socksArm, knee, & leg warmersJerseyGloves

Change of clothes for end of the event

Sleeping bag and/or blanket




First-aid kitBike lock (in case)

Disinfectant wipes and/or hand cleanser

Money (Cash)Towels

Camping chair

Sun Block and lip cream

Camp chairs, small table

Vaseline or anti-chafing agent / chamois cream

NutritionOn-the-bike carb & protein sourceElectrolyte sourceRecovery nutrition

Comfort food

Mini stove or small BBQ







It’s a good idea to do at least one night ride before the event, especially if you’ve never pedalled at night with lights in a forest.  Think of the Blair Witch Project and that’ll cover it.

If you don’t have lights, you’ll have to get some or organise to have at least two sets in your team .  We’re not talking about lights for road riding (although you’ll need to have a rear light so a roadie one will do).  You’ll need proper night lights for mountain biking.  Talk to the coaches on Wednesday night about some tips if you have any questions.

JAFAKIDS – If you are looking for lights for your night riding AvantiPlus have put together a Gemini Light deal for you.  Click here for more information

Please contact Rona Simanu on if you have any questions.

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