Adult Mountain Bike Coaching

This is your opportunity to take advantage of the knowledge available in our club!!

As you may be aware, one of the goals of the committee for Department of Cycling this year is to provide pathways for all of its members to achieve all they want in cycling.

For many the goal is to go out riding with other people who are there to enjoy themselves, for some its to improve their cycling skills and there are a few of us who want to go out and win every race!!

It doesn’t matter what you want out of your cycling we are aiming to provide for you.
As part of this commitment the MTB team has put together Adult coaching sessions on the weekends and 1 Wednesday night per month.

These rides will be held at different locations around Auckland or on race locations so it is important to keep an eye on the ride updates.  You are able to do this on our Calendar and there will be regular updates in our Weekly update email.  (Click here to receive email)

If you would like to invite some non-member friends to try out a session you are more than welcome to, if they enjoy the session and would like to continue attending we ask that they join up to receive all of the benefits.

If you require further information please email our MTB captain on

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