All the best for Taupo and Huka!

This weekend Taupo hosts Taupo and Huka Cycle challenges and Department of Cycling have a large contingent taking part. The road to the Great Lake is already full of cars with bikes mounted on the boot/roof/towbar racks with drivers and passengers full of anticipation for a great day of cycling.

With many months of saddle time in preparation finely tuned bodies are ready to sit in the peloton and take on the single track. They are ready!

All the best to our DoC crew, friends and family. We are thinking of you.

For those driving down, just think, our man Ron Skelton is on his 6th of 8 laps of the course with each one taking in 1308m of climbing. Most of you will only take that on once. Easy when you put it like that isn’t it.

Also best of luck to Coach Darrall Castle (The Colonel) who will start his 320km journey at 1am in the morning, it’s thanks to him we have been riding the courses we have over the last 12 weeks.

Have a great weekend and we look forward to hearing all about it on your return.

Rule #5!

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