And I could ride 100 miles…

Hi team,

We are now in the closing stages of the Race Across America, Ron has just left time station 51 and on his way to Mount Airy, after that there is one full stage at 39 miles and then 15 miles of a parade finish in Annapolis, it is just getting dark here, a bit after 9pm, our stage is 36 miles so combine it with it the last stage and the finish Ron is on target to finish around 5am Eastern Daylight Time or about 9pm NZ Time.

Ron is absolutely flying, the adrenalin rush of having the finish line within sight is all the motivation that he needs, with less 100 miles to go the team is absolutely buzzing, after 12 days and nearly 3000 miles, 12 states and countless towns and villages Ron is near completing his epic journey. It has been an honour and privilege to be along for the ride.

Will update you as we follow Ron into Annapolis, i will film the finish and try and get it uploaded to You Tube. I will have the iPad as well so if try Skype (Skype name Jamie Till) i will try and get Ron online.



  1. jim denton says:

    Ron you are an insperation to all us cyclists, your strength, courage and determination are amazing, if we could bottle what you have and take a little sip every time we go out, just imagine what we could do. Ride Hard, Ride Fast Ride Strong but most of all Ride Safe.

  2. nomad007 says:

    go go ron/ sean james in store with me/ cat/jonny/steve/dan go boy go you all rock

  3. kiwikelt says:

    This is soo exciting! Go Ron!! You machine! I hope you can feel our hands pushing you along. And some more !!!!! just to help you along. Enjoy the finish – you have all worked so hard!

  4. Secretan says:

    Roll on the IRON legs. Not far not far. Praying hard for you but we all know you’ll make it. Big Cheers@ya Ron.

  5. Sue Turk says:

    So close!!! An awesome effort – an individuals will to succeed with team support – simply magnificent. Ron, you are legend and a hero. You’ve dug deep, now fly high with the eagles!! You truly are an inspiration and the ultimate example of what can be achieved with focus and determination.

  6. hey mate not long now–must be thinking long and hard about a long hot bath,think you may have earned it.well done to you and the team.

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