AKMTB Endura Series 1/3 – Woodhill, 15-September-2013

Auckland MTB Club hosted the first of the Endura series races at Woodhill this Sunday.

The course was a crunching 11km that started below the Uplands Trail and rather predictably went straight up it for the start.  At the top riders headed in to Bike parks trail to head over the hill and down the other side.  Heading toward Slippery’s Delight Trail which wound its way round and round and up and down with a log across the trail on the first lap which inexplicably moved by the second.   [Read more…]

Race Report: Day Night Thriller, 2013

The Thriller this year looked like a bit of a teaser.  Arriving at the venue, the event village looked strangely small compared with previous years.  We wondered why there were not so many entrants this year.  Then we found out that the course had been drastically shortened and now wouldn’t go anywhere near the forestry blocks with the fantastic views over the Waikato River.  This apparently also meant that there were no significant hills.  We all started to worry –  just a bit – that this might have been a mistake!  Still we were all there and ready to race so there was really only one thing that we could do. [Read more…]

Race Report: AGS Winter Series 4/4 – Woodhill, 25-August-2013

For the final round of this year’s AGS Winter Series, we headed to Woodhill Forest.  It was an earlier start to the day than usual on a race day with thunder and lightning waking most people.  With the logging finally finished we all congregated at the base of Uplands for the race that would decide the series winners.  Some places were already pretty secure.  Jake Craggs and Jessica Manchester in the Junior boys and Junior girls had both well and truly wrapped up their wins already by securing three wins out of three races.  Intermediate girl Kayla Russell and Senior boy Tom Coombes had also already booked their championship win in similar fashion. [Read more…]

Race Report: AGS Winter Series 3/4 – Whitford, 11-August-2013

Race 3 in the series was predicted to be wet.  Memories of the last wet race at Hunua were still vivid, and raw.  For those who knew Whitford from previous years, a wet day here was enough to seriously consider a nice indoor sport.  Nevertheless as everyone rose to head to the race it was wet and still raining.  The forecast had been correct – well it had to happen one day! [Read more…]

Race Report: AKSS Champs Series 2/3 – Riverhead, 26-May-2013

If you had looked at the weather forecast earlier in the week you could have been forgiven for “accidentally” wanting to forget that there was anything remotely going on at Riverhead this weekend.  Lashings of rain and wind were evidently due and while bound to build lots of fortitude amongst the MTB competitors, a warm cosy Sunday inside sounded quite appealing.  Skip forward to the day itself and it was not at all what we had been bracing for.  The sky was blue, the sun was out and the day couldn’t have been better – for spectators at least.  There had still been enough rain to keep the bottomless puddles adequately topped up.  So it was then, that we returned to Riverhead to the familiar sight of an appropriately muddy MTB course – the third time in as many weekends.  The course was actually pretty good by all accounts.  A single loop, of about 5km or so took in a compulsory dismount to climb over a fallen tree, and equated to some quite achievable riding for most, especially if you were good at slippery roots and didn’t mind taking on a little mud. The main hill was Patterson’s Link which evidently was not anywhere near as bad as it could have been.  Even Barlow Return had managed to stay relatively rideable as long as the line and speed were right. [Read more…]