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Weekend Rides – 8/9 April

Rides for this weekend:

Saturday 35 k ride leaders – Jason Hefferman and Gary Duff

Saturday long ride – Long Ride B

Sunday Ride – 83km “Flat Ride”

This weekend is a nice “relatively” flat 83km ride heading out to Onehunga and then across to St Heiliers and along the waterfront and back along the cycleway –


Weekend ride w/e 1/2 April

Hi all,

Good luck to all those who have entered Cycle for Life this weekend.

Rides for this weekend as follows:

Saturday 1 April

35 k ride leaders – Ian Charteris and Kathryn Eltringham

Long ride is Long Ride A


Sunday ride – 70k “Keeping it Local” – link below:


Happy cycling,


Weekend rides w/e 26 March

This weekend is the Taupo-Rotorua Flyer. Good luck and safe riding to all those who have entered.

Saturday 25th March: Ride leaders for 35k ride are Bernadette Mark and Louise Woolf

Saturday Long Ride is Long Ride E

Sunday 26th March – DOC Heading North – 75km  The ride is 75km

Route from MapMyRide

Weekend Rides w/ending 26 Feb 2017


Saturday Long Ride A Westgate 44.2km

35km short ride

Saturday 35 Boord Crescent laps No Drop 33.8km

Ride leaders – Franco Celligoi and ??



As always, the shorter option of the normal Rec Ride 54km. is available.

Weekend Rides w/e 29 Jan 2017


Long Ride

Saturday Long Ride B Westgate 48.62km

35km short ride

Saturday 35 Boord Crescent laps No Drop 33.8km

Ride leaders – Ian Charteris and Darrall Castle


DOC Westie Cruise – 65km

f you are after a shorter ride there will be a group doing the normal Rec Ride 54km.