Race Report: T42

T42 was the first DOC-supported event of 2013 for mtbers. On the afternoon of Friday 3 May, 15 DOC members + friends started making their way down (or in Piki’s case “up”) to the central plateau. We were staying in a small lodge called Adventure Lodge Tongariro, which despite the owners being slightly neurotic, was a great place to stay. We took up about 70% of the rooms so we basically commandeered the lounge as our own – nice! [Read more…]

It’s Here! – MTB Coaching for Adults by Your Local Cycling Club

It’s finally here; MTB coaching for adults by your local cycling club. Check out our flyer for information on this new initiative: DOC MTB Coaching Flyer. A huge thank you to the Cycle West project (http://www.sportwaitakere.co.nz/gettingactive/cyclewest/)who have assisted us with design of the flyer, great advice and setting aside funding to help get our coaches qualified. Keep reading if you think this might be for you:

– Last Saturday of every month starting on 27 April 2013; 9am-11am (if you can’t make this time, please still register your interest as we may be able to start running groups at different times on demand)

– Locations vary depending on month

– Groups at different levels. When registering, please indicate which group you would like to join by taking a look at the document at this link: http://departmentofcycling.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/04/DOC-MTB-Coaching-Groups.pdf

– If you are already a member of a BikeNZ affiliated club, you only need to get Associate Membership with DOC at $25 per year.

Please note that we are not a commercial company offering professional coaching services, we are a cycling club offering coaching at a community sport level. We’re new to this but we want to make it as professional as possible and constantly work on improving what we can offer to our beloved mtb community! So feel free to contact us at anytime at mtb@deptofcycling.com, we would love to hear from you.

DOC is heading to Woodhill 360!

A decision has been made to swap out “Moonride” as a DOC-supported event this year, and instead for the club to head to “Woodhill 360” the weekend after. Woodhill 360 is a 3hr & 6hr solo or teams event being held at Woodhill Mtb Park on 25 May 2013. The event is a fundraiser for Tim Farmer to get to World Endurance Mtb Champs later this year and represent our awesome country. Thanks to the huge variety of race categories on offer, this event is suitable for beginners right through to experienced riders.

Check out the calender for more details but the jist of it is;

– Go to http://woodhill360.com/

– Register yourself or your team (if you are registering a team chuck DOC or Jafakids before your team name)

– Flick an email through to the DOC coordinator for this event, Ben Edwards, with you/your team name so he can compile the list of DOC competitors. Ben will then liaise with the event organiser as to how many competitors we have from our club so we can create a nice little tent village for you all. Ben can be contacted at benedwar@gmail.com.

NB: Jafakids will still be sending a group to Moonride this year.



Wed Night MTB Social Ride – Updated Lead Rider Roster

Thanks so much to those who have volunteered [Sophiemarie, Duane, Darryn, Sarah, Barry, Allan, Martyn, Ben] to be on the lead rider roster for the novice group for the Wed Night MTB Social Ride. We now have eight people on the roster, so you are only rostered on 5-6 times per year. If you can’t make your night, please organise a swap. Updated roster below. We are tentatively at Riverhead until the end of April and then move to Woodhill but we will watch the weather and forest conditions.




JAFAKIDS and DoC gloworm lights offer

For 2013, we have negotiated a special deal with gloworm lights. http://www.glowormlites.co.nz/products

There is one sure thing about night riding – the better your lights, the faster you can go. And another thing, the better the quality of the batteries and fittings, the less hassle the whole experience is.

These are 100% designed in NZ (really, not just the box) and superbly engineered. In testing, the X1 (headlamp) has a bright and even beam, perfect for trail riding. It is lightweight and small and if you prefer,  the battery can also be helmet mounted (there is also an extension lead for backpack or pouch). It comes with 3 separate optics so you can have a beam to suit your needs. While rated at 850 lumens, it is brighter (and smaller/lighter) than last year’s Inton rated at 1200 lumens and my Magicshine rated at 1600 lumens. It is controlled by a remote button, and has a number of sensible modes including a commuting mode which isn’t as bright (so battery lasts longer) and has a pulse option to aid visibility by motorists.

This is honestly the best light I have seen for less than stupid money. Gloworm is distributed in NZ by Nigel Blanchard from Endura, a JAFAKIDS sponsor. [Read more…]