Road to Taupo

Wednesday 6th August AvantiPlus Waitakere hosted our briefing for the road map to Taupo.  Here are the details of the discussion on the night.

First, a couple of points to take note of.

  • The Sunday ride groups will be split according to goal time around Taupo
  • Just doing the Sunday ride is not a guarantee of your goal time, your own training needs to take place during the week to compliment this.
  • The Sunday rides are BUNCH RIDES and the aim is to ride as a bunch (Click Here to Read Bunch Ride Rules)
  • Lists will be on the window every Sunday to give you an idea of the groups and who the other riders are.  Please put your name on your planned goal time list.
  • There will be no nominated ride leaders for Sunday rides.  Groups will be self monitoring and riders should take note of who they are riding with and look after each other in the bunch.
  • If the bunch you are riding with is too quick on a day.  Tell someone you are dropping back to the next bunch and join the slower group who will be riding the same course.
  • Make sure you know where the ride is going or a few people in your group know before you leave.  Bunches need to follow the route mapped out. (see last point)

If you need more notes on bunch riding and road riding in general check out the Knowledge Hub

The Idea Behind the Rides to Taupo

The rides leading up to Taupo have been designed with the following in mind.  The rides are colour coded to the notes below.  This is a basic explanation of a build up in a training program to race day. [Read more…]

Sunday Briefing 7.20am! Weekend Rides w/e 17th August 2014


Long Ride

Saturday Long ride C

Ride Leader :  Royce Barker
35km Ride Normal Ride
Ride Leader: Bernadette Mark


Briefing at 7.20am and leaving the store at 7.30am. 

Helensville and Back Phase 1

The new bunches have started up.  Briefing will explain the bunches at 7.20am

Sunday 4th November long ride

Ridge/Silverdale/Dairy Flat/ Ridge/Don Buck

As a few of you will be racing down in Rotorua ( Good luck everyone!! ) we’ll have a wee repeat with some opportunity for some speed work too.

Ride as a bunch to the release point at Allerly house  – race pace from here to the shop.

Sunday4 Nov

High 17°C
Overnight 10°C
Few showers

A few showers, fine spells too. Southwesterlies.


28th October long ride

Good luck to everyone riding K2

For those that feel up to a long ride the next day

An out and back up ridge to Silverdale and Dairy flat

Racing release is at Allerly house – first back to the shop gets their coffee paid for by the rest of the bunch

Goals- nice bunch ride keeping everyone together – riding as a group gets you all to the release point together.

Sunday28 Oct

High 20°C
Overnight 11°C

Dry with northwesterlies.

Issued: 2:10pm 23 Oct

Sunday 14 October – long Ride

The Norcross Special –

This ride is mapped thanks to a suggestion Rob made  – we’re not following his suggestion exactly  – but the general idea is there. Any complaints about this ride – please see the nominee 🙂

A good rolling ride as prep for Taupo. If you’re riding K2 I would suggest making the hills your “sprint” points.

If you want to have a hammer – then the break point will be the normal Thursday TT start point – you’ve got around 30km to complete  – and its got some hills!

Be careful on the busy roads.

Sunday14 Oct

High 17°C
Overnight 11°C

Showers with westerlies.