Club Racing Season 2013

A few of you already know about Counties racing and the fun that is club racing.

A quick prep for those that haven’t or are unsure of what to do.

The 2012 season is now over (races are normally held over the winter months – on Saturday afternoons)

  •       To race you require a license: Bike NZ Membership link – and info Bike NZ info. CMC will gracefully let you have a couple of races without a license, to get a taste, but you should have a license ready to show after the      2nd ride ( tip select Dept of cycling as your club )

TIP:  If you intend to race locally  – either a club or local license will suffice.

If you want to race in the Waikato a center license is needed, and if you want to try your hand further afield ( e.g. Taupo-Napier) a National License is  required.

  •       Once you have your license – have a look at the calender Counties race calender – select the races you think suit you or look like fun. ( Did I say fun? 😉 )
  •       Online entry is brilliant – Counties online entry page – this is  critical – if they don’t get enough entries the race will be cancelled ( Traffic management requires they have a minimum of 70 riders)
  •       Pick a grade. If you’re unsure – either ask around or start at the bottom and work your way up. And don’t worry – this is new to a lot of people, so don’t expect to be an expert on the first ride.
  •       Course maps –  Download page – with added benefit of all the requisite documentation you may need.
  •       Results – of course there’s results too –Results page  – and if you’re nosy like me you have a look at how people have done and try and compete.
  •       Carpooling – its a long way to some of the races – so its a good idea to carpool – maybe log on onto the DOC site and leave a note that your racing and looking for transport/passengers?

If you have questions or are interested in racing in 2013 – talk to some of the team that have done it already  – we’re all keen to help out and pass on what we know.

The more DOC riders we have competing in inter club events – the stronger we are as a club, the stronger Cycling in Auckland can become, and the better we become as cyclists.

And the last word – don’t worry, or think its only for elite riders – everyone started somewhere – the range of riders is huge ( under 15’s through to 75+ ) and what you get to take away from the race is always greater than what you have to put in.

See you on the road.



Parakai Wellsford II September 30th

It’s on!!

Second ride in the pre Taupo/K2 training regieme, the extended Parakai / Waimauku /Wellsford / Parakai ride is on this Sunday.

We’re still in need of a couple of drivers to make this work  – any volunteers please email me (

Things to note:

BBQ and Coffee after.

Longer route this time

Daylight savings!

Weather: High 18°C Overnight 11°C Rain. Westerlies

Same details as last time  – 3 bunches ( 30kph; 25kph and 80km ( shorter ride )

$20 for members ($25 for non DOC riders) – covers support vehicles -food and beverage after.

Open roads – obey the rules.

7am Start! – registration from 6:30 on. Briefing at 6:50

See you there!

30th September -Parakai Wellsford II

So who’s up for a second shot? 🙂

Parakai – Wellsford II is next Sunday (30th) – map will be released early next week.

A great way to measure your fitness and to preview the longer rides ( Taupo K2 etc )

We still need a couple of drivers if anyone is keen to watch a bunch of people torture themselves for a morning.

Any volunteers please email:  (me) and I’ll keep you posted.

Keep training and see you all soon!


Parakai – Wellsford – Tomorrow!

Final update :

Weather  – not looking like it will be a midsummers cruise, expect rain and lots of wind so please dress and prepare appropriately

Start Time:

We will need to get everyones names numbers and be ready to roll so please ensure you are there with time to fix any last second hiccups.

Ride briefing will be at 6:55am

First bunch leaves at 7:00am on the dot.

Second bunch leaves at 7:10am

Final bunch will roll out 7:20am

Lets all have fun and see you bright and early tomorrow

Parakai to Wellsford September 9th

First long ride of the Season is here – welcome to Spring

Starting at 7am on the dot. The long ride training for K2 and Taupo begins for 2012

Pre ride registration and briefing at 6:45am, if you are not ready you will be chasing your group.

This will be broken into several groups

FAST: expected average of 30kph or higher  – Starts at 7:00 (turn point is at Port Albert Rd)

MEDIUM: expected average of 25kph – Starts at 7:15 ( turn point at the TOP of Mt Auckland )

SHORT/SLOW: Riding just past Glorit – this ride will be 80km in total – Starts at 7:30 ( turn point at the Glorit hall ( on the left just before the 40km mark )

Keep an eye on the weather throughout the week, if it is bad we will be shortening the ride to keep things safe.

Bring your cash so you can have coffee and bbq afterwards. DOC members -$20 Non Doc members $25

We’re still after a couple of volunteers to drive support vehicles – you’ll be admirably rewarded.

Any questions let me know :


Weather: Sunday9 Sep

High 16°C
Overnight 9°C

Rain with westerlies.