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U 5hr Coaches Ride Notes (Aug 1st)

A few notes for this weeks ride, see link below

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U 5hr Coaches Notes (18th July)

Here are my observations and thoughts from the bunch ride on Saturday the 18th.

The first few group rides are focused on getting the group comfortable with riding together, and finding our “place” in the group. In any bunch ride situation, it is normal to have different levels of fitness and experience. And this bunch is no exception. There are some riders who will do a sub 4hr 30 Taupo, and others who may be pushing it to go under 5 hours. By riding smartly, all of these riders can benefit from the group rides.

On the next ride, I think that we should have a few “rules” which will help the group ride smoothly together.


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Post Ride Review (18/07)

Good ride last week, definite improvement. A couple of points to keep in mind as we continue through the initial phase (bunch riding fundamentals) and work on establishing our group.

1.  The pace will not be fast during this phase and stronger riders will need to adopt a “easy spin” attitude. This is especially important when coming to the front or on uphill sections. The speed will increase as the bunch develops.

2.  There are some gaps forming at times in our bunch, if this occurs in front of you, you need to either close the gap (sooner rather than later) or signal to the riders behind you to come through. Each rider in the bunch is responsible for holding the wheel of the rider in front.  If a big gap occurs call to the front to “ease up” and keep the bunch together.

Okoroire should be a good chance to try out some of the things we have been practicing, just remember that no bunches will wait on race day, you need to stay in contact.

Under 5h Bunch Ride Info

Below you can view the PDF document explaining proper bunch riding technique.  Following some basic rules will help you ride safer and much more efficiently!