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Under 5hr Post Ride (Sept 19th)

Another good ride as a group, it’s great to see everyone contributing to the group. A few points to remember from the weekend

  • Keep the speed steady at the front, be prepared (from 2nd wheel) to take up the speed without letting it drop.
  • When exiting the front don’t slow down until you have moved out of the pace line.
  • Be prepared for the natural ebb and flow of the bunch and react accordingly, don’t panic.
  • “Keep you’re eyes up”, you need to have an eye on the front of the bunch to predict the bunch movement.
  • If you don’t feel you can take a lap at the front call riders in ahead of you or simply keep you’re lap short.

Next ride in 2 weeks, October 3rd. We will be heading into a hilly ride but the distance will be shorter. For this week, keep up the riding & get along to the nutrition night at Avantiplus on Wednesday night 7pm (23rd)


Under 5hr Ride 19th Sept

This weeks ride will follow roughly the same course as last time. This week we need to practice matching our time on the front with the speed of the bunch  i.e. the faster we go the shorter the time on the front and vice-versa.  

This will help simulate riding in a bunch that is much faster than an indervidual rider and give you the techniques that can help you achieve this without running out of energy too quickly.

See you on Saturday


U 5hr Ride Postponed

Hi all

Unfortunately have to postpone this weekends ride. Next ride will now be Saturday 19th September.



Road Rule Changes for Bikes

Recently the Minister of Transport signed the Land Transport (Road User) Amendment Rule (2009). There’s been loads of publicity relating to the major amendment regarding the use of mobile phones while driving, but there are also a number of changes that directly relate to cyclists and pedestrians. You can find a summary of the rule changes – which come into force on 1 November 2009 as a PDF on the bikewise website.