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Message from Hobsonville Deviation Team

Subject: Changes to cyclepath at Monterey Park, SH18 – Upper Harbour Cycleway

To all users of the cyclepath in front of Monterey Park.

As of 18th December the route of the existing cyclepath will be changing so please be aware. The route be alongside the new part of the motorway between the concrete barrier and the fence.

Cyclists travelling East towards Greenhithe need to turn onto the new cyclepath WHERE IT STARTS. Do not go as far as the entrance to Monterey Park where most cyclists used to go – this entrance has been moved to the end of the causeway.

For those going West just keep to the designated route rather than turning onto the main road. There is no safe shoulder on this piece of road.

This temporary arrangement will be in place till early 2011 when the cyclepath will use the new Squadron Drive bridge and Buckley Ave to link with Hobsonville Road.

Christmas Bunch Ride Schedule

Over the Christmas period we will be stopping the bunch rides for the following dates:

Saturday Social Spin:      Last ride Dec 19th – Starts again Jan 16th

Avantiplus Sunday Bunch Rides:     Last ride Dec 20th – Starts again Jan 10th

Thursday Race:     Last ride Dec 10th – Starts again Jan 21st 

Thursday Race Results 10/12/2009

Hi All

The Thursday Race takes a break for Christmas now and will return in the new year with next race on Jan 21st.

Thursday Results 10-12-2009

Points table 10-12-2009

thurs night ride 10.12.09 005thurs night ride 10.12.09 067thurs night ride 10.12.09 075thurs night ride 10.12.09 093thurs night ride 10.12.09 143thurs night ride 10.12.09 046thurs night ride 10.12.09 007thurs night ride 10.12.09 025thurs night ride 10.12.09 034thurs night ride 10.12.09 029thurs night ride 10.12.09 054thurs night ride 10.12.09 058

Thursday Race Results 03/12/09

Thursday Results 03-12-2009

Thursday Race Results 26/11/09

Thursday Results 26-11-2009