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Dept of Cycling AGM & Prizegiving

It’s that time of year again, time to recognize this year achievements, celebrate the end of year and get organized for 2011.

We request your presence at this years AGM & prize giving to be held on Sunday 5th December from 1:00pm at the Waitemata Rugby Club rooms, 96  Swanson Road Henderson.

Here is the schedule for the day:

8:00am  3 up TT  (Open to anyone)

If your keen for a bit of cycling fun meet at Avantiplus Waitakere ready to ride at 8:00 Expect to ride about 20km in a group of 3. You will be put into groups and given the course on the day. Winners announced at prize giving.

1:00pm Department of Cycling AGM (Dept of Cycling members)

Elections will be held for all committee positions. Nominations for the positions will be taken on the day or by email to The positions are as follows:


President: Responsible for general running of club. Chairs monthly committee meetings.

Secretary: Take minutes at monthly meeting. Responsible for letters and correspondence.

Treasurer: Responsible for club finances and preparing balance sheet for monthly meetings.

Road Delegate: Responsible for organisation of road events and promotion of road cycling.

MTB Delegate: Responsible for organisation of MTB events and promotion of MTB cycling.

Avantiplus Representative: Liason between Avantiplus Waitakere and Department of Cycling

General Committee Positions

Events Co-ordinator: Assist in the planning and running of DoC events

Events/Sponsorship: Assist in the planning, running and sponsorship of DoC events

Membership Co-ordinator: Administrate all membership details and collateral

2:00pm Community Cycling Awards (All welcome, please bring your family)

Please nominate people for the following awards:
Fair Play Award Rider who displayed the most caring attitude towards fellow cyclists

Best Supporter Person who has shown to be the most supportive of other cyclists. Open to riders and non-riders

Most Understanding Spouse/Partner The significant other that has sacrificed the most for their partners cycling pleasure

Most Ambitious Rider Rider that achieve the most ambitious goal, regardless of ability

Spin Class Award Person/s responsible for the best spin class moment

Most Dedicated Rider Rider or supporter that has shown unwavering dedication to cycling

Most Improved Rider Award for the rider that has shown the most improvement in the last year

Most Competitive Rider Most competitive rider regardless of ability

Endurance Rider of the year Best rider in the over 190km distance

Supreme award for rider of the year 1 male, 1 female, Best overall rider/community member award judged across all catagories

Other Any other award worthy person/moment that happened this year

Please forward nominations to by December 3rd 2010.

Avantiplus Waitakere Bunch Ride

Title: Avantiplus Waitakere Bunch Ride
Location: Avantiplus Waitakere
Description: Shorter, faster course in preparation for Taupo. Same route as 2 weeks ago
Start Time: 07:30
Date: 2010-11-14

Course Map Dist 71 KM          3 Bunches:

  • Under 5 hr 28-29 + km/h Average Speed
  • Middle Group 24-26km/h Average Speed
  • Slower Group 21-23km/h Average Speed

Short cut – Continue straight ahead on Swanson Road, DO NOT go up Christians Road!!! (ride distance 55km)

Thursday Night Results 4th Nov

Great racing  last night, some pretty impressive times. Now that we have some times in place we will be starting in groups with handicapped starts. We will have another individual TT on Jan 13th and probably another towards the end of the season.

The light on the last lap on an overcast day is a bit of a concern so until daylight extends please make sure you have a rear light.

See you next week

Results 4-11-2010