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On our way home

Hi there,

Well the end of the journey is upon us, I am at Washington Airport about to board a flight to San Fransico and then onto Auckland. Ron, Fran, Jeff and Eastie are driving the campervan back to Los Angeles tonight and will take about 4 days to cover the 4800 kilometres.

Today we spent the morning in Washington DC, it was about 25 degrees and as humid as Auckland in February, i managed to get a couple of tourist photos before jumping ina cab to the airport.

Last night we had the RAAM finishers banquet which was fantastic, everyone had a well deserved beer or 3 to the point we were getting comments on the number of empty beer bottles on our table! In true fashion it was the Aussies, Kiwi’s and the Irish team left at the end of the night.

It was great to hear stories of how people and teams raced and also the stories behind the personalities in the race.

From the high of watching Ron cross the finish line having started 11 days 8 hrs earlier in Oceanside to the low of realising that the journey is nearly over, what an amazing experience, one that i will never forget.

It is humbling to see all of the support back in NZ, every chance we got we read the messages to Ron, he was truly blown away with everyones good wishes. At times we came close to the time cut off but Ron said that it was the ‘invisible peleton’ that kept him going, everyone back in NZ and around the world cheering him on.

Ron, Fran, Jeff and Eastie land back in Auckland on Monday morning at 8:10am, no doubt there will be a slide evening coming up soon.

Have a look on You Tube, there are one or two short video clips from the race, search for Ron Skelton or deptofcycling. I will add more and upload photos when I get home.

So from Washington DC, farewell and see you back home.






This Weeks Riding (June 30th – July 6th)

Hi All

THIS WEEKS RIDING (30th June – 6th July)

  • THURSDAY – GMC Spin class with Kirsty/Gordy has been cancelled.
  • TUESDAY – GMC Spin Class with Kirsty/Gordy. 7pm @ Avantiplus Waitakere. Costs $7 to spin & $3 to hire a trainer.
  • WEDNESDAY – Dept of Cycling MTB night rides are on. Meet at Avantiplus @ 5:45pm or at Woodhill Forest car park @ 6:30pm.  Need equipment?? Contact Duane at Avantiplus Waitakere



Dept of Cycling

IRonman finishes the Race Across America!

Good morning from Annapolis,

Ron has just crossed the finish line here in Annapolis, with a finishing time of 11 days 13 hours and 37 minutes. He is absolutely ecstatic having covered 3000 miles with only minimal sleep.

Ron raced through the night and rolled over the finish line just after 6am local time.

What a huge effort, the team are all here sharing in Ron’s triumph. It is absolutely amazing that he has come all this way and has completed this journey.

We are all off to a local hotel for breakfast and then a sleep, then to start making the trip back home.

Here are some photos from the finish line






11 days, 13 hours, 37 minutes

Ron Skelton and Joshua Kench made history, becoming the first New Zealanders to complete RAAM solo, both on their first attempt!

Big thanks to Ron and team iRONman for serving us more excitement, emotions and positive energy than we could possibly handle!   What an epic effort…

And I could ride 100 miles…

Hi team,

We are now in the closing stages of the Race Across America, Ron has just left time station 51 and on his way to Mount Airy, after that there is one full stage at 39 miles and then 15 miles of a parade finish in Annapolis, it is just getting dark here, a bit after 9pm, our stage is 36 miles so combine it with it the last stage and the finish Ron is on target to finish around 5am Eastern Daylight Time or about 9pm NZ Time.

Ron is absolutely flying, the adrenalin rush of having the finish line within sight is all the motivation that he needs, with less 100 miles to go the team is absolutely buzzing, after 12 days and nearly 3000 miles, 12 states and countless towns and villages Ron is near completing his epic journey. It has been an honour and privilege to be along for the ride.

Will update you as we follow Ron into Annapolis, i will film the finish and try and get it uploaded to You Tube. I will have the iPad as well so if try Skype (Skype name Jamie Till) i will try and get Ron online.