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131 miles left to go

We are just outside Rouzerville, Pensylvania, Time Station 50. From here it is 131 miles to the finish (or 209 kilometres). It has been a warm day and Ron is going to have a 90 minute sleep and then it is a 40 mile, 36mile another 40 mile and then finally a 15 mile stage to the finish.

It is a warm day coming into Rouzerville, we just passed through Waynesboro a really pretty town with well kept houses, here are some more photos from out on the road this afternoon




On the homeward stretch!

Good morning everyone,

We are at Time Station 49 at Hancock, Maryland. The past 24 hours has seen stage after stage of relentless climbing. There were several climbs at 8% some over 5 miles long, Ron has managed to hold a steady average despite being extremely tired.

Sorry for the delay in the updates, there was very little coverage through the West Virginia mountains, we are now on our way to Rouzerville, Pennsylvania. At the end of this stage there will be 131 miles left to go and about 24 hours to complete, so Ron just needs to maintain a steady pace and he will finish fine. There are three serious climbs left in the race, one of which we are on at the moment, looks about the same gradient as Rabbit Hill (for those that know it) and about 3 times as long.

The countryside is spectacular, endless mountains and sparsly populated. Just a series if rolling hills before the next time station.

Ron is keen to carry on and finish the race but we have to make sure he is not too tired, the team is getting really excited as the prospect of finishing stongly becomes reality, we have passed through 49 time stations so far, i can remember about half of them we ave meet some amazing people both from the US and around the world and to think in less than 28 hours Ron will have completed his epic journey.

Will keep you posted more regularly as we ride with Ron into Annapolis!

Here are some pictures from West Virginia




DoC Jacket

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DoC Jacket

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On to the Appalachian Mountains!

Good morning all, it is almost 3am and would you believe Ron is on his bike again! We have just passed through Time Station 44 at Athens, Ohio. Athens is a nice university town, there were heaps of people out (being a Friday night) and they were on the street cheering as we went through.

Next up is the grind up and over the Appalachian mountains, not as high as the Rockies in Colorado but steeper, so a bit of work to do. At the end of this stage there will be about 380 miles left to go.

It was great to talk to everyone at the DoC Mid Winter Christmas Party, isn’t technology amazing at 3am on a highway in the middle of Ohio we could see everyone in Henderson, Auckland. It really lifted Ron’s spirits to see everyone, we have read him all of the messages of support at each stop.

The last week and a bit has been an absolute blur, the difference between day and night is irrevelant, we just know where we need to be at what time and try and get sleep when you can.

One thing i have learnt don’t sleep in a sleeping bag on top of a duvet, when the RV goes around the corner at speed the sleeping bag doesn’t have much grip and you end up on the floor!

We have been through some amazing towns and have meet some great people, there was a father and son that had driven all the way up from Alabama just to cheer racers on, apparently they do it every year, we gave them a NZ flag and key ring and they were so grateful.

Here are some photos from this afternoon

Ron getting some strategic advice from Jeff


Showing some leg on the side of the road (apparently legal in Ohio)


On our way to West Virginia

Afternoon all,

We are just about to leave TS 42 in Blanchester Ohio on our way to Chillicothe, after that it is one more leg in Ohio and then into the mountains of West Virginia.

Ron had a briliant stage this morning, amazing rolling countryside with a bit of light rain. Ron has just had a 90 minute sleep and is ready to go, this next stage is more of the same however the climbing starts shortly.

Jeff is just briefing Ron on what he needs to do to get over Appalachian Mountains and then to the run home.

Here are so photos from the roads into Blanchester and the town itself