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Race Report: 2 up TT Aka Aka

by Morgan Smith

Woke up feeling pumped after a nervous night. Had to get up early for the window doctor but he never showed?

Porridge and bananas for breakfast while watching tv, trying to relax. It was working too as it was 10 am before I knew it and time to leave!! In to the shower stuffed all my gear I needed plus extra (just in case) in my GMC kit bag and put it in the van along with my trainer, stand, pump, and a cooler bag full of water bottles mixed just right (plus some goodies.)

With Andrews speedy looking helmet beside me it was off to Avanti to get the rocket ship! The Scott Plasma Premium.

“Man that looks fast” I thought to myself as I slotted in the Zipp 440’s. Now it was just up to me.

Driving out to Aka Aka I was having my honey sandwich flicking through the radio stations trying to find something that would keep me pumped but couldn’t find anything so Taylor swift would have to do.

Arriving at the race hq I saw Gordy all set up “hey mate” I said. He replied ” hey champ. Ready to smash them?” Always I said. As lots of DoC and GMC members rolled up trash talking was rife.

Sitting down I tried to relax once again waiting till it was time to start getting ready and going through the race in my head.

With a Subway skinsuit from Gordy in hand on went the shammy cream, suit and the rest of my gear, including some cool lime green booties also on loan from the man himself.

Clipped in and leaning on Gordy we got the countdown. “Here we go I” said to myself. “Don’t be weak. Are you a man or a mouse?” “I’m a man.” “Well time to step up and show everyone.” This was all in my head by the way.


I got away well and lead out, soon Gordy rolled passed. I sat in waiting for the elbow signal which was hard to see. There it is, “go legs GO” I said, they weren’t keen but I made them. Rolling through I hit this thing called wind. OHoh! My first turn was all over the road.

As Gordy started taking control I started to concentrate on what I had to do. Just hang on and do what he says. Don’t let him down.

At the first corner I lost his wheel. Oh no I thought rushing to get back on.

As we lapped it out in the head/cross winds Gordy’s turns were double the length of mine. “Why wont you work legs COME ON!” I wanted to be sick, knowing that if I could just throw up I would of felt better quicker but I couldn’t. I Had to just hang in there and hope I came good.

Time for the first turn, up five was the call from Gordy knowing that we had gained some time on the strong pair.

“Don’t ef it up” I said to myself. “TURN” I yelled and we turned together as plan but I was still in my twelve as I crawled out of the turn Gordy rushed passed screaming “WRONG GEAR!”. Angry with myself I jumped on his wheel.

Flying down wind sounded like a jet plane zooming passed people from DoC and GMC all yelling their support.

From there on I struggled along picking myself up when Gordy wanted me to roll through. Trying to keep the same speed as him.

At one point even my water bottle wanted to jump ship!

Heading into the last turn my legs finally stopped hurting it was time to help Gordy out and show him I can fight. Please don’t muck this one up I said as we approached the last turn around. I dropped down the gears yelled TURN once again but this time I flew out of the blocks and started to wind it up after Gordy yelled that he was on. Lapping it out heading back, my turns were stronger and longer. I think I imagined Gordy saying “about bloody time!”

As we veered left towards the finish I dug deep and put one last turn in. Gordy had done more than enough. As we crossed the line together I was poked! All that ran through my head was “Have we done enough” and “DON’T FALL OFF”

Fastest Time! A mixture of relief and calm.

A short lived experience but one that I will replay many times in my mind!

Cheers Gordy!

MTB Ride – Saturday 16 June

Beginer – Intermediate MTB ride at Woodhill this Saturday.

Ride starts at 7:30am sharp.  90-120 minutes at an easy – moderate pace.

More details on the calendar.


Sunday 17th June Shorter Ride


Try to ride together as a bunch – smaller groups if numbers assist.

Moderate speed to maintain contact with each other

Have fun!


Sunday 17th June long ride

Birdwood/Redhills/Oldnorth/Taylor/School/TT loop/TT loop/Tunnel

To be ridden in groups of 10 or less. Ride as a group and keep together.

For fun and speed try the race loop as a group ( like you would on a Thursday night )

Tunnel Hill is the release point.

Shorter ride 10th June

Red hills/ Old North/ Oraha/ Trigg/ Motu/ Tawa/ Hanham/ Tunnel

Shorter ride with a couple of climbs,  remember to spin the climbs and have fun on the descents.