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URGENT ATTENTION: DoC Members, Family, Friends

Effects on cycling in the Kumeu area from proposed clean fill Operation at 61 Pioneer Lane,Taupaki

If you need any help on this please email –

The Auckland Council on the 23rd November notified that an application for a clean fill site at Taupaki has been received.  This proposal is for a commercial clean fill operation which will generate on average 100 truck movements a day and at peak times up to 150 truck movements a day.   The hours of operation as proposed are 0600-1800 weekdays and 0600-1300 Saturdays.

The proposed primary access route to the site is a popular cycling route for Auckland cyclists, Access Road (the start venue for many of our cycling events), Tawa and Awa Roads.

What is wrong with this?
The applicant has filed a supporting Traffic Assessment with the Auckland Council.  The Traffic Assessment makes no reference or allowance for the lawful use of the roads for cyclists.  The analysis is based on crash records which will bear little relevance to the future safety of those roads given the large increase in Truck movements.

Cyclists are not considered in the Traffic Assessment, however cyclists as at risk  road users require special considerations.  Should a car and truck be passing in opposite directions this would leave little safe room for a cyclist.  However a more dangerous situation given the increased heavy vehicle volume will be when two trucks pass  in opposite directions which will leave no safe margin for cyclists.    There is no defensible case to be made that the profits for the applicants (this is a fully private commercial venture) should come before the safety of law abiding cyclists.  That there is no mention of the risk to cyclists in the report makes the report not fit for use as part of the assessment.

The Kumeu Community has several strong objections to the possible 150 truck movements in question relating to noise and other disruptions.  However the voice of cyclists is ours, it we do not represent ourselves in this matter no one else will.

What do you need to do to voice your concerns?
As they say “All that is required  for bad men to prevail is for good men to stand by and do nothing”.   The submission to the Auckland Council closes on the 19th December at 1700.  Please do not sit by thinking that everyone else will solve this problem that simply will not work.   Council have made clear that petitions are not as effective as actual submissions. The submission process will only take you 5-10mins but could effect your riding for the next 10 years!

Please note this is not a numbers game i.e the side with the most submissions wins.  Opposing submissions need to point out substantive failings, issues and inadequacies with the application.  In this case the Traffic Impact Assessment Report does not  assess the dangerous situation created by introducing a large volume of heavy vehicles onto a popular cycling route.   The report is inadequate.   Council must be advised of the dangerous situation this proposal could create so that in the first instance they may reject the application and secondly to create a record should the application be successful council must be able to be held accountable for thier informed decision.

How to make a submission to council online
You can do this at the following webpage – (Please use the notes below to assist you).

You can copy and paste the bold text below.

Section 1 – This is to identify the application.  Not your details.
·         Name of applicant – Neill – Attwood Joint Venture
·         Who Proposes to – Establish and carry out a clean fill operation by importing approximately 370,000m3 of clan fill over a period of 10years.
·         Application Site Address – 61 Pioneer Lane, Taupaki.
·         Application Number – L58712,40355,40356,40448
·         Applicants email address –
·         Locality of application site – Rodney
·         Resource consents – District Issues –check this.

Section 2 – Your details.   Please do not put down “Organisation” please check “other”

Section 3 – Submission Details –
·         Oppose
·         Aspect submitting on – Traffic Impact Assessment Report
·         Reasons – you will need to state your reasons here, I have given some above in terms of the coexistence of heavy vehicles and bicycles on the road. If you have more please let them be known!!
·         The Decision you wish council to make – Reject this application in its entirely

Supporting information.

Full application Details.
The applicants supporting documents are found on the webpage below, under the “North” heading.

Applicants traffic assessment supporting the proposal to council.

THURSDAY NIGHT TT 13th December – Finally!

We’ll its been a long wait. The weather is finally on our side, and everything is go for the Individual TT on Thursday night.

Bring your bike, bring your speed, and bring your guts, we’ve got a new course with a few more inclines than previously.

What we need

– entry fee ( this year we’ve needed to put the fee up to cover our costs – $10 per entry )

– Marshalls – we need at least 5 marshalls per race, so if you’re free or know of someone interested, come along and watch the spectacle that is cyclists smashing it.

– signed waivers – you will have to sign a waiver to enter, so come along a little earlier than normal. ( only the first ride )

If the weather decides to work against us ( no more tornados please ) watch this space for updates. currently the forecast is for sunshine and pain…

This years course – – this week its one lap on your own for honors.

See you tomorrow night!

JAFAKIDS Newsletter December

Get your fresh copy here…  JAFAKIDS NEWSLETTER Dec 12

Thanks to Erica who expertly writes and puts these together.

Thursday Night TT -POSTPONED

Thanks all for your patience, its been a learning curve getting the TT up and running for 2012.

We’ve got Council permission to hold the TT and have extended to the new course for this year.

Unfortunately we can’t control the weather, so have had to postpone what would have been the first ride of the year.

Keep watching the website for updates and we’ll keep making this a great ride ( Weather issues should be over for the year hopefully.)