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Reminder for The Flyer

Hi Guys

A reminder for those wanting to do the flyer, PLEASE let me know who you are so I can add you to my list!!

Only 6 weeks to go. I need numbers so I can book the transport.

I will also have to confirm the accommodation early in March, so if you are thinking of doing the flyer, now is the time to decide.

I can normally be found drinking coffee on a Saturday morning after the social ride, so please come and talk to me or if you are shy you an email me at

Cheers Alex

Race Report: NZ Cup Race Final – Hunua, Auckland, 10-Feb-2013

The final round of the NZ Cup XC Championship series saw the world of MTB converge on Hunua.

The course was based around an abbreviated version of the Moumoukai Farm Loop taking in such favourites as Water Wheels, DC3, Pipeline (in reverse), Devolution, Girl Power, then Rocky’s Roots also done in reverse just to keep things interesting before heading back to the barn paddock.  A 6.5km lap with about 140m of climbing sounded quite tame but those grassy hills had a nasty habit of really sapping every ounce of energy and combined with heat in the high 20’s made for a pressure cooker of a race.  I am convinced that the designer of Pipeline was someone who owned a nice 26” wheeled, narrow barred Mountain bike and wanted to teach these upstarts with bigger wheels and wider bars a jolly good lesson.  The course was suitably tight and twisty! [Read more…]

Bunch Rides WE 17 Feb

Sunday Bunch Ride  : Figure 8 Hill ride.

Departing 0730.  Two groups.

Course is from the Shop – Swanson – Scenic Drive – Forest Hill Road – Henderson Valley – Vineyard –  Coulter – eventually back to Christian Road in Swanson -Short Course to turn back to shop.  Long course to continue up Christian – Kay Road – Sunnyvale – Red hills – Back to Shop.

Wed Night Mtb Social Ride – Lead Ride Roster

Thanks to those who have volunteered to be lead riders at the Wed Nite Mtb Social Rides. We still need a few more volunteers but in the meantime, the roster can be found here:

Thanks so much and happy riding everyone!

2013 MTB Riders Survey – Summary Results

Thirty six riders responded to the club’s recent mtb riders survey; a survey developed so we could get a snapshot of our riders and what their needs are in terms of mtbing with DoC. The mtb subcommittee has analysed the results and so over the next few weeks you’ll see some cool things being advertised in response to your answers (we’re bouncing up and down with excitement like those yummy popping elves chocolates). In the meantime, here is a snapshot of the results:


Females: 35%

Males: 65%

30-39yr olds: 29%

40-49yr olds: 40%

The remainder of riders were divided fairly evenly across the other age brackets.

No. of people who ride with DoC but are not yet members: 9


New to mtbing: 6%

Novice: 14%

Intermediate: 37%

Experienced: 46%


Recreation riders only: 17%

Recreation riders who are interested in starting to race if DoC are able to provide support: 20%

Recreational riders who race occassionally: 51%

Riders who do an even split of riding for recreation and racing: 9%

Riders who ride to race only: 3%


Can’t/do not want to join: 20%

Will join sometimes: 57%

Will be there pretty much every week: 23%


Yes please: 59%

No thanks, I’ll just cruise: 24%

No thanks, I have my own coach: 18%


Monthly: 67%

Saturday am: 65%


Skills clinics: 59%

Weekend mtbing holidays: 74%

Mtbing activities suitable for families: 35%

We also asked people which races they are planning to enter this year so we could decide on the level of support (if any) DoC would be providing for members at each of the races. In addition, we have filtered some answers in order to get more accurate information; i.e. from those people who responded that they wanted coaching, what level of experience do they have. This means we can provide the appropriate levels of coaching rides and coaches. Watch this space!

Feel free to contact us anytime at or leave a message on the DoC FB page.