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JAFAKIDS and DoC gloworm lights offer

For 2013, we have negotiated a special deal with gloworm lights.

There is one sure thing about night riding – the better your lights, the faster you can go. And another thing, the better the quality of the batteries and fittings, the less hassle the whole experience is.

These are 100% designed in NZ (really, not just the box) and superbly engineered. In testing, the X1 (headlamp) has a bright and even beam, perfect for trail riding. It is lightweight and small and if you prefer,  the battery can also be helmet mounted (there is also an extension lead for backpack or pouch). It comes with 3 separate optics so you can have a beam to suit your needs. While rated at 850 lumens, it is brighter (and smaller/lighter) than last year’s Inton rated at 1200 lumens and my Magicshine rated at 1600 lumens. It is controlled by a remote button, and has a number of sensible modes including a commuting mode which isn’t as bright (so battery lasts longer) and has a pulse option to aid visibility by motorists.

This is honestly the best light I have seen for less than stupid money. Gloworm is distributed in NZ by Nigel Blanchard from Endura, a JAFAKIDS sponsor. [Read more…]

FInal Call for the Flyer

Hi Everyone

Last call for the flyer, the cut off is this Friday 29th March.

I will email you all with your sleeping arrangements over the weekend, then we should be all set to go the following week.

Thanks to all those who have paid and sent back their menu’s, for those who haven’t I think McDonalds is fairly close!! 😉

Have a lovely Easter and look forward to a great weekend away the following week.



Getting close to the Flyer

Hi Everyone

We are getting closer to the flyer, I am still looking for people to sign up.  Unfortunately over the last couple of weeks 9 people have had to pull out for various reasons, so as you can imagine I need a lot more members to sign up!!!

If you or anyone else you know is considering  doing the flyer, then PLEASE let me know as soon as you can so we can make this event work for all of us.

Cheers Alex

Moonride Coordinator for DOC anyone?

We need someone to coordinate the DOC & Jafakids contingent going down to Rotorua to the Cateye Moonride this year on 18/19 May. It’s an awesomely exciting event and you’ll get free transport and accommodation for your efforts. Coordination role includes:

– Compiling the list of team and solo entrants (not including actual event registration)

– Liaising with the event organiser so we get our tent village all in one spot!

– Doing the promo to the membership (Ironman Alan Parry can help you with putting stuff on the website, facebook and in the weekly updates)

– Figuring out what infrastructure we need; tents, BBQs etc…and who’s taking what etc.

Get in touch with Sarah at or Bruce or Barry from Jafakids to let us know if you are keen. Thank you so much, we can’t do it without you!!