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Sunday Ride 1st September 2013

Short Ride


Triangle, Red Hills, Old North, Waikauaku Valley, School, Awa, Tawa, Waitakere, Tunnel, Swanson and home.


Long Ride


Triangle, Red Hills, Old North, Riverhead Coatesville, Ridge, Dairy Flat Hwy, Kahikatea Flat, Kaipara Coast, Garfield, Wishart, Old North, Taylor, School, Awa, Tawa, Annandale, Cottle, Waitakere, Bethells, Te Henga, Scenic, Swanson home.

Race Report: AGS Winter Series 4/4 – Woodhill, 25-August-2013

For the final round of this year’s AGS Winter Series, we headed to Woodhill Forest.  It was an earlier start to the day than usual on a race day with thunder and lightning waking most people.  With the logging finally finished we all congregated at the base of Uplands for the race that would decide the series winners.  Some places were already pretty secure.  Jake Craggs and Jessica Manchester in the Junior boys and Junior girls had both well and truly wrapped up their wins already by securing three wins out of three races.  Intermediate girl Kayla Russell and Senior boy Tom Coombes had also already booked their championship win in similar fashion. [Read more…]

Sunday Rides – 25th August 2013

Short Ride

Triangle, Red Hills, Old North, Waikaukau, Muriwai, Oaia, Waitea, Motutara, Muriwai, School, Foster, Awa, Tawa, Hanham, Waitakere, Tunnel, Swanson, Home.


Long Ride

Triangle, Red Hills, Old North, Peak, Kaipara Coast Highway towards Wellsford, Makarau bridge turn-araound,  Kaipara Coast Highway, Peak, Taylors, Waikaukau Valley, Muriwai, School, Foster, Trigg, Puke, Tawa, Pomona, Waitakere, Tunnel, Swanson, Home.

Race Report: AGS Winter Series 3/4 – Whitford, 11-August-2013

Race 3 in the series was predicted to be wet.  Memories of the last wet race at Hunua were still vivid, and raw.  For those who knew Whitford from previous years, a wet day here was enough to seriously consider a nice indoor sport.  Nevertheless as everyone rose to head to the race it was wet and still raining.  The forecast had been correct – well it had to happen one day! [Read more…]

Sunday Rides 18th August 2013

Short Ride

Triangle, Red Hills, Old North, Coatesville-Riverhead, Ridge, O’Brien, Dairy Flat, Potter, Sunnyside, Coatseville-Riverhead, Old North, Nixon, Red Hills, Don Buck, Home.


Long Ride

Triangle, Red Hills, Old North, Peak, Kahikatea Flats, Dairy Flat Highway, Obrien, Ridge, Coatesville Riverhead, Old North, Taupaki, Amriens, Mcentee, Kay, Swanson Home.