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Volunteers Needed Please!

We need volunteers to make our Wellsford training ride a success

If your unable to ride but can help or your partner is able to help out WE NEED YOU !!!

When – Sunday 13th of October

Please email us NOW at


Wellsford Supported Ride !!

This is a must do for riders pre K2 or Taupo (suitable for relay riders as well as those doing the solo)
and also a great Sunday Ride with some socialising afterwards

When – Sunday 13th October

Where – Car park out front of Parakai Hot Pools

Cost – $25 per person (this is to cover support vehicles and BBQ and a coffee afterwards)

Distances 50Km, 100Km, 120Km

Please pre register NOW by emailing so we can organise support

Sunday Rides – 29th September 2013

Short Ride

70km – Rec Ride 2

Triangle, Red Hills, Old North, Waikoukou Valley, Muriwai to Muriwai, Motutara, Waitea, Oaia, Muriwai, School, Foster, Awa, Tawa, Hanham, Waitakere, Tunnel, Swanson, Home.


Long Ride

109km – Oct 10 2010 Long

Triangle, Makora, Moire, West Harbour Drive, Marina View Drive, Wiseley, Hobsonville, Squadron, Upper Harbour Drive, Albany Hwy, Dairy Flat Hwy, Hibiscus Coast Hwy, Silverdale St, Wainui, Waitoki, Kahikatea Flat, Kaipara Coast Hwy, Garfield, Wishart, Old North, Oraha, Hwy 16, Trigg, Motu, Tawa, Pomona, Waitakere, Tunnel, Swanson, Home,

Bike the Lake or Bike the Bridge

Sunday 10th November has become a very busy day on the road calendar which puts us in a bit of a pickle!  Which one do we choose to send the DoC trailer to?

Please email Alex at with your intentions so she can get it organized.

Ibis Bike the Lake

The team at Brand New Day are the proud new organizers of ibis bikethelake.

Organizing events is in our DNA – from the days of the Special K Women’s Triathlon Series, to the Taupo and Rotorua Half Ironman right through to their latest family focused series, XRACE – this team understand active events.

This year is the 10th anniversary and we look forward to the next 10 years of ibis bikethelake.

Click here for more information


Bike the Bridge

The 2013 edition of MS Bike The Bridge promises to be bigger and better than its predecessor. But entry is strictly limited. We have a maximum number of participants allowed to cycle over the Harbour Bridge. Once that number is reached the event is closed. The Auckland Marathon (that enjoys more than twice our limit) sold out within 3 weeks – so you must get in early to avoid disappointment! Enter Now and secure your place.

There is no excuse not to get into it! This year MS Bike The Bridge offers the following event options. These events all include the iconic Auckland Harbour Bridge and Northern Busway.




Each of these distance options above include a division for Secondary School pupils. See our Event Information for more Details.
Click here for more information



Winter MTB Coaching Report: So, you think you can ride?

By Mary Rose Balao

That’s what I thought! I didn’t realised that I was doing everything wrong until I started attending the DoC MTB Skills Clinic for adults this year. Here are just a few of the examples of what I’ve learnt from my coaches about the art of mountain biking:

Learning from the experienced… real experts. DoC has highly qualified coaches – not only do they have years of saddle time and coaching experience, but they also bring along a strong history of racing. They certainly know their stuff!

Learning the basics…all the time. Whether you’re a novice or an intermediate rider, classes always begin with foundation skills – that is, the correct body position: heels down and arms bent. Some coaches call it the ‘attack’ position, others call it ‘sumo’ or even the ‘chicken’ position – I think I prefer to attack than to do the chicken!

Lastly, learning to dismount…when in doubt. The most recent skill that I’ve learned is dismounting on a steep narrow trail. Dismounting is not just for the faint of heart (like me), even experienced riders do it, albeit with proper technique. This is a very useful skill for me as I sometimes hesitate riding down an unfamiliar downhill track or stop midway and end up in the bush! Now I am able to dismount with grace and end up standing tall.

So, whether you’re riding for fitness or planning to join upcoming MTB events, the DoC MTB Skills Clinic is a great way to improve your riding skills and learn new techniques to make your mountain biking an even more enjoyable experience.

Happy trails!

*A little about me:

I’ve always wanted to have a bike but never really had one until I could afford to buy one as an adult. So you can say that I’m a very late bloomer in this sport. I ride for fitness and all the time, I end up having fun too! I may not be the fastest but I enjoy joining summer MTB races as they keep me on the saddle as often as possible.