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Minutes from AGM 2013

Department of Cycling

 AGM Meeting Minutes 8th December 2013

Date:                           8th December 2013 (1.30pm – 2.30pm)

Venue:                       Waitakere Rugby Club, Swanson Road, Henderson, Auckland

Apologies:                Rob Norcross (Treasurer), Sarah Natac (MTB Delegate)

Present:                    Committee Members:  Kathryn Eltringham (Chairperson),   Gayle McGregor (Secretary), Alex Bowden (Events), Sandra Postance (Membership), Sean James (Road)

DoC members:        Approximately 20 DoC members


  Minutes of AGM – December 2013
  Apologies were read

Welcome and Chairman Report 2013 by Kathryn Eltringham.

(Please see attached document of the  Chairman Report 2013


  Treasurer Report – Click here to email comms if you would like a copy

2013 Financial report from Rob Norcross

Passed:   Rae Smith

Seconded:   Cat Web


  Change to the constitution –  Junior membership fee for members under the age of 18 years.

Passed:  Rochelle Young

Seconded:  Cat Web


Increase in membership fees for DoC was tabled

Passed:  Rochelle Young

Seconded:  Daymon Nin



Member Feedback

Dave Bowden proposed that DoC support different Events

Cat Web proposed that there are more fun Events (as per the family event held Feb 2013)

Allan Postance proposed that DoC have events were we can combine the MTB and Road together (these would be social events).


All proposals above would  be taken on board by the 2014 committee


  Committee Position Nominations


Position Nominee Nominated by Seconded by
Chairman Alloan Postance Rob Norcross Kathryn Eltringham
Secretary Bernadette Mark Cat Webb Kathryn Eltringham
Treasurer Rob Norcross Allan Postance Darrall Castle
Events Clint Knox Darrall Castle Cat Webb
MTB Sarah Natac Kathryn Eltringham Sandra Postance
Road Darrall Castle Tony Kelly Bernadette Mark
Membership Sandra Postance Cat Webb Rae Smith


Subcommittee members were called for – the following members have volunteered:


MTB Subcommittee:

Kathryn Eltringham

Martyn Pearce

Ben Edwards

Sophiemarie Bethells


Events Subcommitte:

Cat Webb

Sheryl Blewett

Sean James (Equipment)


Road Subcommittee:

Jeff Webb

Sean James

Morgan Smith





Chairmans Report 2013

I would like to begin by thanking the committee, the sub-committees, DoC and Jafakids members for another successful year of cycling.

2013 has been a year of change and learning for the committee.  With 5 new members, and 2 relatively new members, there was a lot to get familiar with, and to provide leadership in, in a very short space of time. We also welcomed representation from Jafakids, allowing better communication and a stronger relationship between our two groups. I would like to personally thank each of you for your time, energy, passion and commitment to cycling and the betterment of the Department of Cycling and Jafakids.

Following their introduction in 2012, we continued to develop the sub-committee structure for Events, Road, Thursday Time Trials, Jafakids and MTB. As a committee we met less frequently, allowing the sub-committees time to meet.  Thank you to each member of the DoC sub-committees and Jafakids committee for your time and commitment, often behind the scenes, to provide events and coaching for our members.

A major focus for each team has been to establish coaching programmes.  I would particularly like to acknowledge our MTB sub-committee for establishing a successful coaching model early in the year – a programme which draws participants from other MTB clubs as well as newbies. Reciprocal relationships between clubs have developed, allowing DoC MTBers to participate in rides and events run by the other clubs.  Jafakids have appointed a new Head Coach and are in the process of re-establishing their coaching groups for our junior members. The DoC MTBers have been invited to join their training sessions too.  The Roadies have also joined in with coaching clinics being run once a month, run by Darrall and Alan.  To support all this coaching activity, nearly 20 of our members, DoC and Jafakids, have taken part in the Bike NZ training courses, and are in the process of completing their coursework. This project was funded by funded by DoC, Jafakids and Cycle West, and we look forward to the continued development of these programmes in 2014. Once again, I would like to thank those who have given up their time to coach others.

Throughout 2013, our members have taken part in a number of events, on all manner of bikes, with several placing in the top 5. Congratulations to Jacqui – 2nd in her age group at Bike the Lake, and to Ironman ‘the machine’ Skelton – fifth straight top 3 placing in the 8 lapper at Taupo.  I would also like to mention the team of DoC riders who took part in the Ride to Conquer Caner – raising over $2500 each and riding 200kms in 2 day – well done team!  We also had the tandem at Taupo and Ben Webb in his first event at Okeydokey.  Congratulations to those who take part, enjoy their ride, finish and look forward to the next ride or event.  Having time to commune with our bikes makes the rest of our lives worthwhile.  Thanks must go to Alex and her team of supporters – Dave, Gayle and Graeme – thanks for organising such fab events for us in  2013.

Notably, 2013 has been the year of the accident.  We may have to design a DoC first aid kit to fit in our pockets!  Many of our members, both Roadies and MTBers, have been injured or had close calls with cars, and as has been reported, many cyclists nationwide have been killed or hurt on the roads.  Wherever and whenever we ride, it is vital we ride safe – keeping to the road rules, using our riding calls, obeying traffic lights and road signs, single filing, calling the Police rather than resorting to Bike Rage…we all know the drill.  And if it is and MTB event, and I’m riding – make sure St Johns are there please!

This is also opportune to acknowledge the support of Cycle West, a programme DoC financially contributes.  A number of courses and programmes have been run this year, which our members have accessed or we have new members who have accessed us as a result of their participation in a Cycle West programme.

And to our major supporters, Jeff and Cat Webb and the Avantiplus Waitakere team. Thank you for your friendship, support, involvement, race briefings, mechanical expertise, baking, providing items for Christmas and birthday wishlists, bathroom facilities, emergency food supplies, a place to hang out and…the van!  Your recent acknowledgement at the Waitakere Sporting Excellence Awards is testament to the support and leadership you provide for us and cyclists across Auckland.

Finally, thank you for the privilege of being President/Chairman in 2013. It has been a great honour.  I wish the new committee every success and fun in 2014.  Don’t let the admin and Bike NZ defeat you! To my fellow DoCsters and Jafakids, you are an awesome group of people.  Have a great Christmas and a healthy, successful 2014.



Sunday Ride 22nd December 2013

The ride to rule them all

Rec Ride 54km – with hill climb and sprain points available.  Win a pair of socks if you win.



Wednesday Night MTB Social Ride and Christmas Break up BBQ

** Thanks to the generosity and all round cool dude attitude of Tjebbe (fellow moto-x and mtber) we’ll be joining up with our fellow mtbers, moto-x guys and Jafakids for one mega BBQ at the Barlow Rd entrance, by the moto-x shed. Thanks Tjebbe!

Normal ride time of 6:30pm at Riverhead Forest, Barlow Rd entrance (or 6pm at AvantiPlus Waitakere), followed by a BBQ and beer from around 7:30pmish. Chillax and talk trash with your riding mates.

No theme this year (unless someone wants to appoint one!) but dress up in some getup, it will be fun.

BYO food and beer, Tjebbe (fellow mtber/moto-x) will have heaps of BBQs there for us to use. Sarah might bring her pineapple cheesecake like last year…

Final Thursday Night Race of the Year

And this one is going to be EPIC!

4 UP Time Trial

Get yourself a team of 4 together or just come along and we will place you in a team.

Teams will be set off 30 seconds apart and work their way around 2 laps of the course.

All 4 people must finish the race to record a time so it is important to get everyone across the line!

This race will be a flat rate of $5 per person.

Usual time for registration 5.30pm onwards and start time of 6.30pm.


As always finish off the evening with some chips at The Fireplace.

We look forward to seeing you all there!