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Thank you Kings & Queens

Hi everyone

Rex taking it on!

Well, the first (and hopefully not last) “King & Queen of the Cog” event is over, and what a great success it was. We had 61 riders competing which I think is a really great achievement for a first event. I really hope that they had a great experience and this number will only grow.

You may have noticed that at the event briefings and prize-giving I really did not go into thanking people individually and that is because there was just so many people involved in the event, which culminated in it’s success. Many members, and non members, contributed in days up the event in promotion, lending equipment, managing registration etc…along with all the help on the day timing, marshaling, setting up/packing down, course design, course marking, baking of home made cookies for the finish line (!) and much more.

There were also a bunch of lovely people who just jumped in on the day to help out here and there when they saw me a bit overwhelmed, couldn’t have done it without you.

Thanks again and happy riding.

Sarah Natac


Click here for the results page


Final Accommodation Payments for Flyer

Everyone planning on doing the flyer please be aware that payments for accommodation due by the end of this week.

Please email: if you have questions and/or need more info.
Price will go up for late comers and possibility accommodation will be gone.

Look forward to hearing from you soon

Weekend Rides w/e 16th March 2014

Saturday Rides

35km Usual Course
Ride leader – Alex Bowden

45km Usual Course
Ride leader:  Sean James


Sunday Ride


Race Conditions Phase 4 74.85km

Ride leaders

Faster group:  Geoff Mathews

Slower group: Ian Charteris

If you are looking for a shorter ride there will be a group doing the Rec Ride of 54km

Weekend Rides (Kumeu Show) w/e 9th March 2014

Due to the Kumeu Show being on this weekend the Saturday ride courses have changed.  Please take note below.

Saturday Rides 8am

35km Ride:  Around Whenuapai Air base.

Ride leader:  Sandra Postance.

45km Ride: Rec Ride course A (going to be a little longer today 54km)

Ride leader:  Rae Smith

These rides may change a little on the day so please be there for the briefing at 7.55am


Sunday Rides. 7.30am (adjusted)

Please be aware of the change of course due to Kumeu Show.

Phase 4 SH16 avoiding Kumeu (click here for map)

Ride leaders

Fast group:  Andrew Fletcher

Slower group: Tony Kelly

There will be a group doing the Rec ride of 54km (see Saturdays longer ride)


Preliminary results are now up. Please take a look as there is likely to be a few mistakes. When large bunches came over the finish together, we got times but didn’t manage to see all your numbers.

The main concern is getting your placing correct as your two placings combined form your overall points…lowest points wins. Times will just become important if we have a tie with the scores.

To all Masters Men in the 2nd bunch, don’t worry, I have reduced your times by 30 seconds in order to do the overall Masters Men placings.

Please email me at if you feel something isn’t right.

Results are here: King & Queen of the Cog 2014 PRELIM RESULTS

Sarah (… with tired eyes cursing that manual timing sucks)