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Weekend Rides w/e 1st June 2014


Long Ride

Saturday Long Ride C

Ride Leader: Brendon Smith

Ride Leader: Grant Blewett


Long Ride

Endurance Phase 1  86.2km

Ride Leaders:
Fast group – Andrew Brown
Slower group – Tony Kelly
If you would prefer a shorter ride there will be a group doing Rec Ride Course A

Weekend Rides w/e 25th May 2014


Long Ride

Saturday long ride B

Ride Leader: Neil Meuli

Ride Leader: Adrian Jonkers


Round 2 of the Hill Climb Series following the Rec Ride.

Click here for more details.

Hill Climb Poster

DoC Competitive Road Survey

We need to know who in our club utilizes the centre licenses.  There is a yearly payment in time and money that we need to account for.

Your time is greatly appreciated in helping us out with this short survey.

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Thank you for your help.

Weekend Rides w/e 18th May 2014


Long Ride

Ride Leader: Sean James


35km short ride

Normal Course

Ride leader: Ian Charteris


Avantiplus Waitakere 84km

Ride leaders:  Brendan McGrath fast group   and   Geoff Cooke for the easier crew.
Short ride:  join Alan for the Rec Ride of 54km back at the shop by 10am.

Cycle for Life – Race Report 2014

by Brendan McGrath

Running a bit late…. phone David Venter and pled that he register me! Lovely man that he is he organises it like a trooper. Thanks Dave. Arrive at Clevedon about 945 for a 10 start. Not many in the “race” start maybe 30 odd. A few familiar faces, Gordy start with the idea to clear the first hills before the main ride so he can get back on when they come thru. Brilliant really, nothing but respect for Gordon given the extent of his injuries and the level hes spent 20 some years racing at, very humbling to see him there in his current state…. best pay respects as one imagines he will be back shortly!

Field appears to be GMC, Nature Valley, Auckland Uni!!!! and others. Off we go… traditional attack from the line, nothing comes of it. Back into the fold, few guys climbing really well, Steve Furminger from Avanti Cycles seemingly very comfy on the climbs. Over the early climbs nothing really happening, at one point a GMC bloke and a Nature Valley guy get away just off the front which is a problem because about 10 guys now don’t wat to chase!!!! but happily there’s one really tall bloke who seems content to just sit on the front with no agenda other than pedal really fast which is fine.

Only the road back to Kaiaua and about 50km in there’s a set of stepped climbs, they go on for a while, figure I will take another dabble off the front…. 100m 200m 250m then Steve starts to come across, great stuff, stop and wait, no point is two individual riders losing time where two together could make some time. We are away, the climbs mean that the bunch is not getting big advantage…. quickly out of sight which is good. Then down to the coast road, this is a problem as there’s only two of us we are probably not going to out muscle a bunch on the pan flat road at about 43 but its just about holding onto as much time as possible and getting into some rolling road ASAP.

One thing worth noting is that in NZ small fields are not usually very strong, tour of southland is a special case… but other than that often you get off the front and imagine there’s a bunch casing you when really the bunch is falling apart! Lost count of the times I thought I was safe in the bunch of 20 when 10 were up the road only to have the chase disintegrate and wind up in a smaller bunch than the break!!!! Lesson…. race from the FRONT!!!

Finally the road starts to curve and climb again, superb now only 40 km to go. Onto the only decent climb, up we go, feeling good. 4 months of solid training for the nationals still in the legs. Up over the climb, still feeling ok.

20km to go….. final run into the line, good line of sight back from the last climb maybe 15km to go, no chasers. Safe, now just lay it all on the line… go go go. Steve rolls thru the line half a wheel in front of me for the win. Steve needs to get stuck into his racing and I think doesn’t know how good he could be, classic all rounder, pretty talented. correction to timing not 5 seconds, half a wheel at about 30kmph, so just a fraction of a second.

photo credit Todd Simmiss

Turns out Alan Parry was the lead car driver….. you can find pics taken from what appears to be the drivers window!!!! So team Avanti PLus Waitakere 1,2,3.