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Hill Climb Race 4 – Results and Photos

Congratulations to all riders who managed to compete at the Last of the Hill Climb Series 2014.




Name Time
James Krzanich 6.54
Jarrod Scollay 6.54
Dean Welch 6.56
Andrew Cozens 7.16
Nigel Stent 7.16
Rex Lyes 7.41
Brendon Smith 7.51
Sylvester Tan 8.24
Laura Newman-Watt 8.49
Olly Harris 8.5
Allan Postance 9.03
Andrew Brown 9.15
Grant Blewett 9.35
Sean James 9.53
Neil mueli 10.07
Jason Heffernan 10.15
Bob Forbes 10.34
Tracey Race 10.44
Penny Heffernan 12.06

Click here for the results from the rest of the series.


Weekend Rides w/e 10th August 2014. Te Henga Hill Climb


Long Ride

Saturday long ride B

Ride Leader: Neil Meuli

Ride Leader: Brendon Smith

Hill Climb – Round 4 Te Henga

Round 4 of the Hill Climb series following the Saturday ride.

Click here for more details.


Ride Leaders:

Will be announced on Sunday morning.

Short Ride
If you would prefer a shorter ride there will be a group doing Rec Ride Course A
Thank you again for the volunteers who put their names forward to be ride leaders on the weekends. If you would like to help out or find out what it is all about as a ride leader please email Darrall

Weekend Rides w/e 3rd August 2014


Long Ride

Ride leader: Sandra Postance

35km short ride

Normal Course

Ride Leader: Bob Forbes

Sunday Hill Climb

Round 4 of the Hill Climb series following the Rec Ride.

Click here for more details.