DoC Award Nominations open

Its time to get your nominations in for the most deserving in our club.

Become an award sponsor!  This could be as little as a bottle of wine to sponsor an award for this year.  Get in touch with Alan Parry if you are interested.

These awards are for any Department of Cycling member you think may be deserving. MTB, Jafakid and road nominations all welcome.

Note: You must be a current DOC member (2014-2015) to vote or receive
Nominations need to be in by 5pm Friday 4th December 2015.

(Please could you return any trophies from last year if you have them) Thank you..

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Fair Play Award
That rider who would never take a shortcut or break the rules.

Most Ambitious Rider
Often they bite off more than they can chew.

Volunteer of the Year
That person who is alway on the BBQ or marshalling every event

Most Dedicated Rider
They are everywhere and on every weekend

Most Improved Rider
May have ridden their first race or just got in a bunch

Endurance Rider of the Year
Put in a good show on a long ride.

If we haven't thought of it, you may have.

Rule #5 Award
Who is has fallen and just gets back, who is hard as nails.

Rider of the year (male and female) are awarded by AvantiPlus Waitakere

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