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If you have a smart phone it is more than likely that you have a lock on your phone to keep those prying eyes off your personal information.  If there is an accident on the road your phone could be your lifeline to vital information for emergency response personnel.

There are many applications available to allow emergency services to access your information or just see emergency information at a glance.   Here are a couple.


ICE (In Case of Emergency)

ICE (In Case of Emergency) is the best app in the store for organizing your emergency medical and contact information. ICE uses the information you already have about your emergency contacts in your device’s Contacts app so you don’t have to store separate records that need their own maintenance.

• Keep your emergency information organized – medical conditions, allergies, emergency contact
• Put your medical and emergency contact on your lock screen
• Store an ID card image just in case


Google Play

Emergency, Medical & Contact information for emergency services and first responders In Case of Emergency (ICE). SOS message.

•Custom screen lock – app can be accessed through password protected screen lock. In Case of an Emergency – emergency services & hospital staff will only have access to ICE Emergency app.
• SOS – sends SOS message to your Emergency Contacts, automatically includes GPS location
• Emergency Contacts – Call or SMS from App
• Medical History – vital information for first responders and hospital staff:
+ Allergies
+ Blood group
+ Diabetic information


These applications are in no way a replacement for an emergency contact card in your back pocket or bike bag.  Your Department of Cycling membership card holds this information.
Please check your cards to make sure all of your details are correct.

  • name
  • allergies
  • emergency contact information
  • if you don’t carry id on you please make sure your phone is unlocked and you have an ICE number (in case of emergency)

ICE number should be a contact in your phone eg. ICE Joe Bloggs – 555-1234.

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