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I acknowledge that cycling is an inherently dangerous sport in which I participate at my own risk and that the Department of Cycling Club ('the Club') is an organisation formed to advance the sport of cycling, the efforts of which directly benefit me. On behalf of myself, my heirs, assigns and personal relatives, I waive, release, and forever discharge the Club, its officers, agents, members, sponsors, promoters, and affiliates whosoever form any and all liability, claim, loss, cost or expense arising from or attributable in any legal way to any action or omission or act of any such person or organisation or execution of any racing or sporting event, including travel to and from such event, in which I may participate as a rider, team member or spectator. I agree to wear a helmet whenever I am riding with the Club, to obey road rules, and to follow Club rules. To the best of my knowledge I have no physical condition which would interfere with my ability to participate in or attend any such event, or which would endanger my health. I consent to the information supplied on this form being incorporated into the Club's register and for it to be available to Club Members to contact each other on club related matters. I also consent for photos showing myself taken during cycling events to be displayed on the club website. I may request for a photo to be removed by contacting the club website (


Item Amount Number Total
Coaching Fee
First two youth riders from each family are $120 each, subsequent youth riders are $60 each
$120.00 $120.00
Department of Cycling Membership
DoC is our umbrella club and all Jafakids and parent/adult riders must be DoC Members or Associate members
Associate members must also have membership of another Bike NZ Affiliated Club*
Youth $40.00
Family $110.00
Adult $65.00
Associate $15.00
Woodhill Annual Pass
for Jafakids Only
Riding Shirt
  • for Jafakids Only - one shirt per rider at this subsidised rate.
  • All Jafakids must wear a Jafakids shirt on rides.
  • Please note size required with the riders details above
  Total to pay: $120.00

* For those choosing Associate Department of Cycling Membership

Declaration: All riders on this form are fully paid up and current members of a Bike NZ affiliated club and will remain so for the duration of this Jafakids membership period (Oct 2017 - Sept 2018).

Club Name:

Payment Internet Banking
Jafakids Account: ASB 12-3085-0471250-00
Please use your full name and mobile number as reference codes.
Questions/Further Information? Email us: or visit the website:
Are you happy to receive Newsletters from the Club? Yes
Are you happy to receive promotional offers from our Sponsors? Yes
Can we use your race results and photos in newsletters and promotional activities? Yes

PRIVACY: The information collected in this form will be used in accordance with the principles of the Privacy Act of 1993. It will only be used in a lawful purpose connected to the Club. By submitting this form, you acknowledge your rights to view and amend the information at any time.

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