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Whaka 100 – Rotorua

Whaka100 prestartThis was actually my first race and I had thought the course designers might be a little lenient on the tricky bits, given people on the 100km and 50km ride also had to do it.  Not a bit of it!  Having said that, the trails were in awesome condition and the weather played along as well.

Jafakids riders and parents congregated at the start.  The 100k riders (including Jafakid Daniels mum,Kirstie Mackey in her 60/40 Team) got off at a bright and early 8:30 to start their ride amongst the redwoods.

About an hour and a half later the 50K riders with Elliot, Robin, Isaac and Daniels Dad (Mike), headed off into the forest.

Half an hour laterat 10:30the 25k race started with Tom Coombes leading the pack of Ryan, Daniel, Ryans Dad (me), and Isaac’s Mum and Dad round the grass starting area.  Toms ride came to a brief halt halfway round the starting area-skidding off at the 4thcorner to give everyone an obstacle to dodge.  Luckily no damage done and it didn’t seem to slow him down too much as it seemed like no time before he was up and back into the front group again.

As the riders were all on their way the Jafakids supporters club got into full swing with the Family Page and the Family Craggs seemingly at every corner cheering us on.

There were some rumours of course problems and some riders taking “alternative routes” also suggestions of course tampering were rife but it’s not MTB racing without some drama!

In the end the following were the results of quite a bit of hard work!

25Km Sprockets

1st     Tom Coombes
4th     Ryan Craggs
7th     Daniel Mackey

50Km Sprockets

1st     Robin Page
2nd     Isaac Schuurman

50Km Junior

5th      Elliot Pearce

Jafakids Mums and Dads

1st     Mike Mackey      (50Km Veteran category)
2nd     Nigel Craggs     (25km Veteran category)

4th     Kirstie Mackey          (60/40 team 100km Mixed)
DNF     Hajo Schuurman  (Retired due to Mechanical failure)
DNF     Linda Schuurman (Retired due to Husbands mechanical!)


3rd     Sasha Smith     (100km Female Open)
4th Nick Miller        (50km Male Open)

Auckland Secondary Schools Series Results

secondary schools medallistsEveryone got cleanly out of the start/finish area but it didn’t take long for the racing incidents to start.  Ryan succumbed to the irresistible urge to go over the handle bars in the first single track (sprints) – then again as he left the start finish area!  The completion of the first lap saw Liam Padden and Peter Bethell having a running race back from a long way up the Thisler track, where they had both evidently been trying to overtake slower riders.  Sadie’s pre-race brief had warned everyone to take either the left or right of the puddles but NOT the middle.  Sadly the middle looked good to both Liam and Peter – both punctured / deflated their tyres on the object beneath.   Peter re-joined but Liam’s race was run.  Elliot and Tom Fox had a dual that went right down to the line with Elliot holding off Tom at the end.  Sophie-Marie took out the senior Girls.  Harriot led from start to finish chased by both Jacqui and Charlotte.

Jemma had another awesome race and with her two laps complete and the race won, thought she should go back out for a ride – so went out for another lap just for fun!

In the Junior Boys race, Kim came in after a fantastic race to finish first followed by Kalen (non-scoring), Ryan, Kerran, Finn, and then a small gap to Jake (2 yrs underage) and also to Alex(also underage) .  Despite skidding off on the road on the first lap Kalen picked himself up and again had a great race as one of the many underage or intermediate school guests riding. Next year will be interesting!

So an eventful race to cap off what has been quite a long series this year.   The final championship results, made up from all three races, are as follows (JAFAKIDS in BOLD):

Junior Boys

1st Ryan Craggs (AGS) 2nd Kim Wright (Massey) 3rd Finn Welsford-Ackroyd (MAGS)

Junior Girls

1st Jemma Manchester (Howick College) 2nd Katie Sargent (Rosehill College)  3rd Briane Langford (Macleans College)

Intermediate Boys

1st Guy Hirst (MAGS) 2nd Tom Coombes (Massey) 3rd Peter Bethell (Michael Park School)

Intermediate Girls

1st Harriet Bevan (ACG Parnell College) 2nd Charlotte Rayner  (Howick College) 3rd Jacqui Paltridge (Avondale College)

Senior Boys

1st Tom Fox (AGS) 2nd Elliot Pearce (St Kentigern) 3rd Logan Callesen (AGS)

Senior Girls

1st Sophie Marie Bethell (Michael Park School) 2nd Sammy Lane (Diocesan School for Girls)

Boys Team Series Trophy went to Auckland Grammar School


Girls Team Series Trophy went to Howick College

Full results will be available at http://www.collegesport.co.nz/sport/zone/46/mountain-biking

Many thanks to Rod, Hira, and Sadie for putting on a great series with everything running very smoothly – like a swan on a lake, all the activity was hidden from view.  The Sausages were great and the Coffee even better!!

Avanti Plus Waitakere also got a big thanks especially from AGS student Kieran MacKay who lifted the major spot prize of the Avanti Montari 26.2 bike!

AGS Series Final Overall Results

These are the final results from the AGS secondary schools Winter Series. For this series there were 4 races in total at Riverhead, Hunua, Whitford and Woodhill. Points were awarded in each race and the best points from 3 races used to come to a final points tally for the series.

As you can see Jafakids were pretty prominent at the top of the leader boards in all categories again.

Junior Boys
1st          Ryan Craggs    174 points
3rd          Isaac Schuurman  142 points
6th          Kim Wright   114 points           (from 2 races)
13th        Kerran Tetley   89 points          (from 2 races)
1yr Underage    Kalen Weir  147 points    Note: Kalen would have come third overall
2yr Underage    Jake Craggs   35 points  (1 race only)
Intermediate Boys
1st        Tom Coombes      185 points
3rd        Callum McElroy     141 points
8th        Samuel Dakin        99 points              (from 2 races)
11th=    Guy Hirst                54 points              (1 race only)
11th=    Bena Simanu          54 points              (1 race only)
13th      Peter Bethell         49 points              (1 race only)
Senior Boys
1st         Tom Fox         185 points
3rd         Elliot Pearce    162 points
Junior Girls
1st          Jemma Manchester    185 points
Intermediate Girls
2nd        Jacqui Paltridge    162 points
5th         Harriet Beaven     60 points   (1 race only)
Senior Girls
1st          Sophie Tyas        60 points   (1 race only)

R&R Sport Auckland XC MTB Championship Race 2 Hunua

A big mass start for all the XC riders saw all the riders sweeping down over the timing loop to disappear into the Hunua single track.  The Challenge riders started a minute or so later…   …followed by Ryan who had arrived just in time to see the start of the race from the car as they pulled up in the car park.  (NOTE: Craggs family toremember daylight saving times in future!)

The first lap saw Harley storming past up near the front.  After the first lap Jemma, Robin and Harriet were all within shouting distance of each other with Finn following and Ryan having made his way through the field into 4th in the U17 boys category trying to catch up.  Jafadad Neil came in to finish his first (and final lap) which ended up being a good decision as the rain started with the riders halfway round the second lap.

The finish saw Robin coming in as first Jafakid home in front of Jemma and Hattie.  Ryan managed to race his way into 2nd place in his category with Finn chasing him home with a blooded knee as a result of some unplanned solo flight – Flying Finn.

Overall a great result for the Jafakids with them all lining up at the top of the results board, taking all the top places…
Junior U17 Boys
1st Robin Page 2nd Ryan Craggs 3rd Finn Welsford-Ackroyd
Junior U17 Girls
1st Jemma Manchester 2nd Harriet  Beaven
20-29 Category
1st Harley Going

AGS Secondary Schools Winter Series Race 4

AGS Winter Series Race4

1st Logan Callesen
3rd John Colthorpe
Intermediate Boys
Junior Boys
2nd Jack Fisher
3rd Dylan Lee
Intermediate Girls
2nd Charlotte Rayner
3rd Sarah Russell
Junior Girls
2nd Katie Sargent


Senior Boys: 1st Logan Callesen, 2nd ELLIOT PEARCE, 3rd John Colthorpe

Intermediate Boys: 1st TOM COOMBES, 2nd BENA SIMANU, 3rd PETER BETHELL

Junior Boys: 1st KIM WRIGHT, 2nd Jack Fisher, 3rd Dylan Lee, 4th RYAN CRAGGS, 5th KERRAN TETLEY, 9th JAKE CRAGGS, 10th KALEN WEIR, 11th ISAAC SCHUURMAN

Intermediate Girls: 1st HARRIET BEVAN, 2nd Charlotte Rayner, 3rd Sarah Russell, 4th JACQUI PALTRIDGE

Junior Girls: 1st JEMMA MANCHESTER, 2nd Katie Sargent, 3rd Breana Langford

Day Night Thriller results

Event report from Coach Nigel:

Personal highlight for me – My first ever race start and sitting on start line with both Ryan and Jake.

Other Highlights

  • Superb day
  • Fantastic company
  • Not too challenging but lots of fun, fast, full-on riding!

Results are below.

6hr 2/3 Men Category




Team Members




Jafakids Roadies Elliot Pierce (Capt.) 1st OVERALL PLACING OUT OF  ALL 6 HOUR TEAMS!!
Bena Simanu
Tom Coombes
12hr 4/5 Junior Category (19 entries)




Team Members








Jafakids Awsome Hattie Bevan
Jemma Manchester
Liam Padden








Jafakids Noise Alex Bevan (Capt)
Kim Wright
Ryan Craggs
Finn Welsford-Ackroyd
Kalen Weir








Jafakids Allsorts Charlotte Delamore (Capt)
Kerran Tetley
Isaac Schuurman
Jacqui Paltridge
Daniel Mackey








Jafakids Young Guns Alex Delamore (Capt)
Jake Craggs
Brad Spray
Callum Daly
Jared Tetley
12Hr Older Pedlars




Team Members




Wheel Old Jafakids – Coaches / Dads Brent Paltridge (Capt)
Neil Welsford-Ackroyd
Nigel Craggs
Phil Manchester / Mike Spray
Bruce Weir / Steve Delamore
Anton Cooper’s homecoming (TV3)


Auckland XC Series (Endura Series)

Some great results in a great series http://aucklandmtb.co.nz/events/endura-mtb-series/

  • R&R Sport U17 Boys: 1st Guy Hirst, 2nd Ryan Craggs, 3rd Robin Page
  • R&R Sport U17 Girls: 1st Gemma Manchester
  • R&R Sport Expert Female: 3rd Chip Hooper
  • R&R Sport U19 Male: 1st Ian Burgess
  • R&R Sport Senior 20-29: 1st Ex JAFAKID Harley Going, 4th Elliot Pearce (racing up a grade so very well done)
  • R&R Sport Master 30+: 1st coach Jared Scollay
  • R&R Sport Expert: 3rd Ex JAFAKID Nick Miller
News from World MTB Champs 4 Sept 2011


  • Sophiemarie  Bethell 8th
  • Veronique Sandler  (former Jafakid) 6th
  • Sophie Tyas, pre-race withdrawal (broken wrist on practice run) 🙁

Well done girls!

If you want to see how the top guys do it, check out this incredible video of Danny Hart on his way to winning the DH

Danny Hart on YouTube

New Zealand Secondary Schools MTB Champs

The culmination of some great racing and hard training over the past 6 months paid off for a number of riders who competed at the NZ Secondary Schools Championships in Levin on the weekend of 26-27 March.  Unfortunately the weather turned ugly over the two days and ended up being a bike wrecker.  However, this in no way detracted from the great racing and fantastic results from our senior riders.  Check it out.



Cross Country




Harley Going

U19 Boys





Tom Fox

Snr Boys





Elliot Pearce

Snr Boys





Sophiemarie Bethell

U19 Girls





Sammy Lane

U19 Girls





Sophie Tyas

U19 Girls





Guy Hirst

U16 Boys





Harriet Beaven

U16 Girls




1st equal

Charlotte Delamore

U 16 Girls





Kurt Standen

U15 Boys





Peter Bethell

U15 Boys




7th equal

Tom Coombes

U15 Boys





Sam Daikin

U15 Boys





Finn Welsford-Ackroyd

U14 Boys





Jemma Manchester

U14 Girls





Congratulations Sophiemarie and Harriet!!  National Champions!!!

Well done team. Fantastic results!!!

Auckland Secondary Schools MTB Champs

Hi Team (and what a team we have!)

The team of volunteers for the Sec School Race that collected gear during the week, marked the course and collected the tape and arrows after, registrations, marshaled, time keeping, cooked and sold sausages and drinks/coffees for fundraising and generally helped make the event happen. Big thanks from Rod, Hira and myself for your help.

The team of JAFAKIDS that represented their school and JAFAKIDS during Sundays race. I was so proud to see how skilled and fit you all were for this event. Well done. It is always hard for us to set a course to suit the majority of the riders especially when Riverhead has some rain. Many of you would have said it was to easy, not enough climbing but if you had watched riders doing the flat section in and out of the picnic area you would have realised that Paterson’s would have been beyond the skill and safety for the majority of these riders. the only other group really coping with Riverhead was Auckland Grammar thanks to the great efforts of Jon Hassler getting his students out to ride Riverhead.

This will put you all in good space for Levin and the National Secondary School Champs.

Just a quick mention to Kalen Weir who for some reason managed to get round my husband so he could race for the fun of it as he is a year 8 (non secondary school). Hira thought that Kalen would just have a good ride and knew he would be quite capable as he is a JAFAKIDS rider. Little did he know that Kalen would go on to win. So, this is why Kalen is not in this list of results despite winning the Junior boys category.

Nice work everybody, parents and riders.

Sadie P


Jafakids highlighted in green


1. Tom Fox (AGS) 2.  Elliot Pearce (St Kentigern) 3.  Logan Callesen                (AGS)


1.  Sophiemarie Bethell (Michael Park School) 2.  Sammy Lane (Diocesan)


1.  Guy Hirst  (MAGS) 2.  Hunter Flatz (AGS) 3.  Bena Simanu (Lynfield College)


1.  Harriet Beaven (Senior College) 2.  Charlotte Rayner  (Howick College) 3.  Charlotte Delamore (Mahurangi College)


1.  Kim Wright (Massey High School) 2.  Finn Welsford-Ackroyd (MAGS) 3.  Ryan Craggs (AGS)


1.  Jemma Manchester  (Howick College) 2.  Katie Sargent (Rosehill College)  3.  Kari Meachin (Mahurangi College)

Big weekend of racing at the Colville Connection, NDuro Summer Series Race 3 and Motatapu Challenge

There was a bit on last weekend and the JAFAKIDS, parents and older DoC members brought home some great results.  Check it out:


Colville Connection (Coromandel) – Saturday 12 March

Jungle Safari 24klm (230 racers) –  Kim Wright 1st Cool Dudes category; Alex Delamore 5th Cool Dudes category

Ground Effect 40klm (117 racers) – Natalie Retief 1st Junior Women; Charlotte Delamore 2nd Junior Women;  Elliot Pearce 3rd Junior Men; Tee Watane 3rd Open Men; Steve Delamore 37th Open Men

Bike Barn Blast 72klm (460 racers) – Tom Fox 2nd Junior Men; Bena  Simanu 4th Junior Men; Sam Dakin 6th Junior Men; Nick Miller 11th Open Men; Jamie Till 19th Open Men; Jared Scollay 4th Master Men; John Dakin 35th Veteren Men; Andy Fox 50th Veteren Men; Rona Simanu 4th Single Speed


Kim Wright on his way to 1st in his category and 4th overall in the Jungle Safari 24klm. (Photo couresy of Adventure Pics)


Motatapu Challenge (Queenstown via Wanaka) – Saturday 12 March

Elite Open Female: Sasha Smith 3rd

Sadie Parker Wynyard: Elite Masters Female 2nd

Martyn Pearce: Elite Masters Men 3rd


NDuro Summer Series Race 3 (Rotorua) – Sunday 13 March

45klm Junior Men – Harley Going 3rd

45 klmVeteren Men – Ross Standen 9th

25klm Female Sprokets – Jemma Manchester 2nd; Ella Simanu 3rd

25 klm Male Sprockets – Kurt Standen 1st; Tom Coombes 2nd; Callum McElroy 5th; Lewis Ryan 9th; Kalen Weir 10th; Finn Welsford Ackroyd 14th; Brad Spray 18th

25 klm Juniors – Bena Simanu 3rd

25 klms Single Speed – Rona Simanu 5th

25 klms Masters – Phil Manchester 6th; Mike Spray 9th

Some great results there.  Well done to all. Please let us know if we have missed anyone out.  Autumn is here and with it the start of Secondary School racing.  Good luck to those competing and we look forward to some more great racing.

Hot results over the summer…

There’s been plenty of action from JAFAKIDS around the country over the summer season.

2011 New Zealand MTB Cup Results

To place in the NZMTB Cup series a rider must start in the North Island and South Island final races (Napier and Christchurch).  Placings are calculated by adding together the points from the rider’s best 3 results.  JAFAKIDs had one of their best ever years.  Congratualtions to the following:

Cross Country

Elite Men: Nick Miller 7th

Elite Women: Sasha Smith 5th

Junior U19 Men: Harley Going 2nd

Junior U19 Women: Natalie Retief 2nd

Junior U17 Men: Peter Bethell 3rd

Master 30+ Men: Jared Scollay 1st

Special mention to Harriet Beaven who has come on strong over the summer.  A 4th, 1st and a 2nd but unfortunately missed out on a series podium by having no result for Napier.  There is always next year Harriet!


Junior Women: Sophie Tyas 1st / Sophie Marie Bethell 4th

Junior U17 Men: Ex JAFAKIDS Kurt Summerfield 1st!

Well done all of you!

Black Stump

The annual Black Stump event was held in the Waikato.  Oh my gosh this is a JAFAKIDS clean up event.

12 – 15 18km Tom Coombes 1st

Ella Simanu was put in this category and was 5th …go girl power.

Old boys 30km Coaches Ross Standen and Paul Burgess were 10th and 11th.

G12-15 30km Jemma Manchester 1st

B12-15 Kurt Standen 1st

B16-19 Elliott Pearce 1st

B16-19 Bena Simanu 2nd

45-55 M 40km Martyn Pearce 5th

National Championships

National Championships were recently held in the not so tropical Dunedin but the racing was scorching hot. Coaches and JAFAKIDS rode well amongst the best in NZ to put us proudly in the results.

Elite Men – Coach Nick 13th and Adrian Retief 18th

Elite Women – Sasha (Piki)  Smith 7th and Coach Adrienne (Chip) Hooper 10th

U19 Men – Harley Going 7th and Ian Burgess….hard day in the office.

U19 Women- Natalie Retief 2nd

U17 Women – Harriett Beaven 2nd

Master Women 2 – Sadie Parker Wynyard 1st.

Master Men 3 – Coach Martyn Pearce 4th and Tony Beaven (Harriets Dad) 5th

National Downhill

Sophiemarie Bethell seeded 1st but didnt finish her race run and Sophie Tyas finished 2nd. Well done to all who competed against the best in the country.


Karapoti Classic

Karapoti Classic this weekend proved to be one of the toughest races on the calendar when rain and mud slowed down the field. The race was won by Anton Cooper – the youngest rider ever in the history of the event. Check out the results and be inspired.

Well done Elliott Pearce who was dragged from school on Friday as a late entry to finish 2nd in the 13-18 yr olds 50km category. You rock star!

Sasha Smith 5th in the Elite Women…nice Piki the mud magnet.

Martyn Pearce 8th in the 50-59 category. Go the coach!

This weekend has plenty of racing for all JAFAKIDS fairly close to home. With the Colville Connection on Saturday and the N-Duro final on Sunday. What are you waiting for…enter now, there will be plenty of JAFAKIDS racing.

Sasha, Martyn and Sadie will be heading to Queenstown to race the Motatapu Icebreaker.


Mid North Island Cup Series – Napier (Sunday 12 December)

The final race of the Mid North Island race series was held in Napier last weekend. Harriet Beaven competed in all four races, grabbed 4 wins and took the Under 15 Girls title! Well done Harriet. Tom Coombes was second in Napier and took 2nd overall in the race series. A great result for Tom who has been training hard over the last year. Other JAFAKIDs competing were Harley Going who surprised many with a 2nd in the Under 19s. Great result Harley! Tom Fox and Elliot Pearce were in the same race and came in 4th and 8th respectively.

Harriet Beaven

Harriet Beaven - Overall U15 Girls Mid North Island Cup Winner

Tom Coombes

Tom Coombes - 2nd Overall U15 Mid North Island Cup


ASB College Sport Young Sports Person of the Year

The awards are an Auckland region event started in 1991 to reward and recognise students who have performed with distinction in secondary school sports competition organised through college sport. Past recipients include, Jonah Lomu, Beatrice Faumuina and Valerie Adams.

Current Jafakids Charlotte Clouston and Ian Burgess were announced winners in the mountain bike categories. Testament to the coaching of Jafakids Head Coach Sadie Parker Wynyard, all four finalists in the mountain bike category were either past or current Jafakids.

The evening included an inspirational and humorous address from Silver Fern and NZ Beach Volley Ball representative, Anna Scarlett, where she highlighted the importance of goal setting, looking after and listening to what your body is telling you i.e. getting really ‘hangry’ (angry as a result of being hungry) = time to eat.

Overall winners were Jacko Gill from Takapuna Grammar School and Cecilia Cho from Pakuranga College.

Photos from the awards night:

Charlotte Clouston

Ian Burgess


2010 ASB College Sports Winners - Charlotte and Ian with Sadie


It’s been a great two weeks of racing.

The Huka Challenge was held in Taupo on the 27 November at the same time as the Round Taupo cycle challenge. A number of Jafakids, coaches and associates were competing and there were some outstanding results. Remember this is one of the toughest MTB races in the country – An 82 klms course with 65klms of single track – corner after corner after corner… Anyway

Huka XL (Licenced Racers) – Sasha Smith 8th Womens Huka XL Open; Nick Miller 13th in the Huka XL

Huka Challenge Ian Burgess 1st 16-19 and 3rdoverall; Kurt Standen 1st u15 and 28th overall; Martyn Pearce 6th 45-54 38th overall; Gunner Wester 6th 16-19 148th overall; Jamie Till 8th 20-35 and 15thoverall; Tee Watene 8th 35-44 20th overall

Huka Relay – Ross Standen and Paul Burgess 15th

Mid North Island Cup Race 3 Rotorua (Sunday 5 December)

Jafakids were cutting up single trail while the rest of the DoC family were munching on cheerios and sausage rolls on Sunday. Again, there were some excellent results.

Under 19 Boys – Tom Fox 2nd;Ian Burgess 5th

Under 19 Women – Natalie Retief 3rd; Charlotte Delamore 5th

Under 15 Boys – Kurt Standen 2nd; Tom Coombes 3rd; Alex Beaven 10th

Under 15 Girls – Harriet Beaven 1st; Jemma Manchester 2nd

Well done everyone.


Mid North Island Cup Race 2 – Taupo (Sunday 23 November)

Nice going Harriet Beaven! Two starts and two wins at U15 Girls! A great time that would have placed you mid pack in the Under 15 Boys. Well done Hatty! Looks like Tom Coombes had a good breakfast before the race. Just missed 1st place to the current National Secondary Schools Champ by 2 seconds. Nice going Ratty. You might want to take an extra jet plane to help you in the sprint. In the same race were Alex Beaven and Alex Delamore. Great going guys. Enjoy the great trails and soak up the experience. It will all pay off. Charlotte Delamore picked up creditable 4th in the U19 Women, Coach Jared Scollay a 3rd in the V1 Mens and Steven Delamore a 16th in the V2. Nice racing team. See you all in Vegas on the 5th for the third leg.

Click on the link for an update on the Series Points. 2010 MNIC Series


Sasha’s Ride Report


XC Race Squad member Sasha Smith recently rode Whirinaki the Moerangi Trail recently. Check out what she had to say on her new blog!


Auckland Champions

A big ‘high five’ to the following JAFAKIDS who are the Auckland MTB Champions for 2010:

Finn Wellsford-Ackroy – Under 15 Men

Elliot Pearce – Under 17 Men

Tom Fox – Under 19 Men

Jared Scollay (Coach) – Expert 30+ Men

Congratulations and good on you for supporting the series. Special mention should also go to Jack Hooper (2nd Under 15 Men) and Coach Martyn Pearce (3rd Veteren Mens). Well done! A great start heading into summer. There were others who were doing well in their age groups but didn’t race the last race at Hunua to pick up the compulsory points. Never mind. No doubt you were still having fun and/or riding anyway! That’s what counts! Full results here


What a weekend of racing!

JAFAKIDs were doing the damage across the central North Island over the weekend. Here’s a summary of the events and results:

Bike the Lake Rotorua (Saturday 6 November) – Jafakids XC Racer Nick Miller and DoC President Jamie Till were in the bunch of 20+ riders fighting it out for third place. Jamie commented that “It was an absolute freight train around Rotorua, I had to back off on the sprint home as there was a car on the roundabout for the final sprint home, I should have sprinted away earlier as I could have got myself into a better position for the sprint. Great race though – especially going past the airport at 55km/h! ” Well done guys. Great effort. Full results here.

Mid North Island Cup Race 1- Tokoroa (Sunday 7 November) – The first round of the Mid North Island Cup was held in Tokoroa on Sunday. JAFAKIDS were represented in the junior grades and finished with promising results. Best of the day was Harriet Beaven with a 1st in the Under 15 Girls race. Awesome result Harriet! Natalie Retief and Charlotte Delamore were 2nd and 3rd in the Under 19 Womens. Kurt Standen and Tom Coombes also took podiums finishing 2nd and 3rd in the Under 15 Boys. Sam Dakin and Alex Delamore competed in the same age group with Sam taking a very creditable 4th behind Tom and Alex finishing 12th. Fantastic racing riders! See you at round 2 in Taupo!

Auckland XC Race Series – Race 4 (Sunday 7 November) – Not to be outdone, JAFAKIDs were also making their mark in Hunua at the final round of the Auckland XC Race Series. Again, there were some great results. Elliot Pearce (U17) and Tom Fox(U17) won their respective age groups. Way to go ETQ and Tom! Finn Welsford-Ackroy was 2nd in the U15 with Jack Hooper taking 3rd. JAFAKIDs Coach Jared Scollay won the Expert Men 30+ against some tough competition and Coach Neil Welsford and Jafakids committee member Richard Hooper finished 7th and 14th respectively in the Sport Men 30+.

WELL DONE TO ALL OF YOU (and we’ll see you at training on Wednesday)


Mid North Island Cup

We’re still to receive the results from the first Mid North Island Cup race held in Tokoroa in the weekend. We’ll let you all know how the JAFAs went once those results are made public.

Race 2 will be held in Taupo 21 November. Details of the course can be found here if you’re heading down.


Billy does some Riverhead ‘Reconasance’

Looks like Riverhead is ready to ride! Check out Billy’s report Riverhead Recon


Whaka 100

Jafakids/DoC riders competed at the Whaka 100 event in Rotorua on Sunday 17 October. There were some great results particularly in the 50klm race. Results as follows:

100klms race – Martyn Pearce 4th Veteren Men

50klms Race – Nick Miller 3rd Open and 1st Junior; Kurt Standen 2nd Junior; Elliot Pearce 4th Junior; Tom Coombes 6th Junior

Well done all. Nick – great result. ETQ – what are you doing in a roadie sandwich? Kurt/Ratty – get off your road bikes, Riverhead calls. Martyn you’re a legend – 6 1/2 hours in the hurt box.


Introducing the new JAFAKIDS members

We have a number of new riders joining the JAFAKIDs. Current riders – please introduce yourselves and make them feel welcome. They are:

  • Jemma Manchester
  • Jared Tetley
  • Kerran Tetley
  • Jacqui Paltridge
  • Alex Delamore
  • Jake Craggs
  • Amy Hirst
  • Kalen Weir
  • Paige Weir
  • Alex Martin

Welcome to the Department of Cycling and JAFAKIDS! See you on the single track very soon!


Auckland MTB Club XC Series Race 3 – Whitford (Sunday 10 October)

JAFAKIDS, Coaches and Associates did well at the 3rd race of the Auckland XC series held at Whitford on Sunday. Preliminary results as follows:

Junior U19 WomenSophie Marie Bethell 1st

Junior U15 Men – Tom Coombes 1st ; Peter Bethell 2nd; Finn Welsford-Ackroy 3rd

Junior U17 Men – Elliot Pearce 1st

Junior U19 Men – Tom Fox 1st; Daniel Harris 3rd

Sport 30+ Men – Ross Standen 5th

Expert Veteren Men – Martyn Pearce 2nd

Expert 30+ Men – Jared Scollay 1st

Well done you good things and all the best with training going into the final race next month!


Charlotte Clouston – XC Race Squad Member …and not a bad downhiller.

6th at the 2010 World Championships Junior Womens DownhillMonte-Sainte-Anne, Quebec, Canada.


Photo courtesy of www.canadiancyclist.com