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Jafakids Muster 2017

Muster 16 October 2016

Race Report: Colville Connection 10 Mar 2012

Alex, Charlotte and Brad went down to Colville this weekend to race.  Great racing as the age group for them went up to 20years old.  The track was dry just as the rain held off all day only to poured down Sunday .Really good to see the boys running about 21km per hour ..
Coach Steven cracked under 3hr just on a SS


Male – 21km Mountain Bike
Under 20 Years
1    1012 Toby Atkins       50:15.72
2    1032 Alex Delamore 1:00:06.51  (JAFAKIDS)
3    1011 Brad Spray        1:03:55.25  (JAFAKIDS)
4    947   Luke Antony Courtenay 1:05:13.44

Female – 42km Mountain Bike
Under 20 Years
1    666 Charlotte Delamore 3:44:08.13    (JAFAKIDS – Note: race no. with attitude!!)

Male – 42km Single Speed
20-39 Years
1    748 Mark Le Fevre       2:27:44.45

40-49 Years
1 747 Shane Absolum     2:55:40.40
2 746 Steven Delamore  2:59:10.67  (Jafakids Coach Steve)

We also had the entire Wolstencroft Family out including JAFAKIDS Mischa and Kian who came in 8/100s apart, younger brother Euan, mum Tanya and dad Phil (72km in 5hrs), and Brad’s dad Mike Spray (21km).

17                    904        Kian Wolstencroft                                        1:28:32.06
19                    905        Mischa Wolstencroft                                        1:28:32.14


Oceanias Championships – Rotorua 10-Mar-2012

The Oceania Championships were held this year in Rotorua, New Zealand which meant a great opportunity for the Jafakids to get some international exposure at a local event.  There were four disciplines in which current (and Ex) Jafakids competed, Super-D on Friday, Cross Country (XC) on Saturday and Downhill and a Short course Eliminator on the Sunday.  Jafakids had some fantastic results – read on for more – including news of a new Oceania Champion – who just happens to be a Jafakid….


The Oceania’s started on the Friday with the Super D.   This was a new event for the Oceania’s with the course being a fast and furious 3.42km descent through the forest incorporating most of ‘Hot X Bun’ and 75% of ‘Be Rude Not to’ which, for the top riders, took just over 7 minutes to complete – absolutely flying!   The Jafakids were well represented here with Isaac Schuurman, Josh, and ex Jafakid Elliot, all competing in the junior men’s category – the only category they could enter in.
Elliot giving it all, sadly came unstuck not far into his run having a nasty crash, which put a premature end to his run.  Josh and Isaac meanwhile put in some stunning runs down the mountain with Josh managing to secure a podium in 3rd and Isaac just 15 seconds behind in 4th.
In the Senior Women category, Ex-Jafakid Sasha managed to secure a well earned 2nd place almost exactly matching Josh’s stunning time.

Super-D Results
Junior Men
3rd Josh Reilly
4th Isaac Shcuurman
DNF Elliot Pearce  (ex Jafakid)

Senior Woman
2nd  Sasha Smith (ex Jafakid – coach Sasha)

Cross Country (XC)

Saturday brought all the XC riders out and it was a glorious clear autumn morning at the start area on Longmile road at the redwoods forest.  The 5.87km course had some fairly significant climbs rising up Nursery road for a few hundred meters to the feed zone and spectator area before darting left into the forest single track and continuing up the old exit trail.   From the top they did a quick club circuit loop through the trees before hurtling down a really fast and furious trail beside the road back to the feed zone. From there the trail turned back up the hill on the other side of Nursery road on the newly modified Genesis loop.  Coming out of Genesis the riders avoided the Rock drop, which was closed to all U17 riders, and into the B line (or chicken run as it was fondly named) which took the riders back to the start finish area.
On the TrailTaking offThe first race of the day was the U15 / U17 and Masters races and the Jafakids were out in force.
Once the Masters were on their way, the U17 and U15 boys wave rolled up to the starting grid, comprising Tom Coombes, Peter Bethell, Sam Dakin, Callum McElroy, Ryan Craggs, Robin Page, Isaac Schuurman, Kim Wright, Josh Riley, , Kerran Tetley, Alex Beaven, with Finn Wellsford-Ackroyd and Jake Craggs in the U15 category.  More than a dozen Jafakids on the Oceania start – a real treat!
On the whistle, Tom made good from his front row start position, thanks to his previous good form to get to the top of the road in about 8th place, closely followed by Peter, Sam, Callum, Ryan, Robyn, Kim, Isaac, Josh, Kerran, Alex, Finn and Jake.
Meanwhile the U17 and U15 Girls were preparing to start in their wave at the bottom of the road with Jafakids Jemma Manchester (riding for Endura), Harriet Beaven (also Endura) and Jessica Manchester (U15).  Out of the gate, Jemma and Hatty both had great starts and heading up the road were in a tight bunch comprising the top four riders in the country in their categories all biting at each other heals with Jemma holding the lead.
The first lap saw some significant attrition to the numbers in the race.  Kerran was an early retiree with a broken chain in the first half lap.  Then Ryan got boxed and had a big fall on Genesis which knocked him back in time but also knocked the stuffing out of him a bit as well.  Meanwhile in the Girls race which was now homing in on the tail-enders of the boys  Jemma was still just in the lead but being tracked every inch of the way by Hatty and another rival (and national champ) Shannon Hope.
The Second lap saw Tom move up into fourth place while Isaac, Callum and Kim started a relentless push to get up the rankings. Ryan was struggling with the efforts of falling and trying to get back into the race and Alex retired with a punctured rear tyre. In the U15 boys category, Jake was making headway moving up from 8th to 7th.  Meanwhile, in the U17 Womens race Jemma was still leading but Hatty was not letting her get away and hanging on in there right on her tail and they were both starting to drop the other riders.  This was the final lap for the U15 girls and saw Jessica finish in a fantastic second place with the national champion for her age group taking first place.
The third Lap saw Tom consolidate his fourth place, still chased a little way behind now by a hard charging Peter.  Not far behind Callum and Isaac were still putting in a great performance and were now starting to pull away from Kim and Robin.  Josh pulled out with a painful back while Sam came into the Tech zone needing a spare front wheel, which someone managed to conjure up.  However Sam had lost quite a bit of time and his wheel problem had dropped him down from 10th to about 14th place.

1st and 2ndThe U17 Women Race came into finish with Jemma managing to pull a 40 second lead on the last leap to take first place with Hatty in second.
Meanwhile, the U17 Men had one more lap to go but with no more real changes in position for the riders.  Sam managed to put in a faster final lap to try and take Robin but Robin held him off by 4 seconds at the end.
So in the final results we had 4 riders in the top 10 of the U17 Men, the top 2 riders in the U17 Women and a 2nd in the U15 Girls what a fantastic set of results.
Congratulations to all the riders for a fantastic display of ability and good sportsmanship – it was a treat to see. Special congratulations of course to the new U17 Women’s Oceania Champion, Jemma Manchester – from Jafakids!1 2 on the podium

Cross Country Results

U17 Men
4th     Tom Coombes
7th     Peter Bethell
9th     Callum McElroy
10th   Isaac Schuurman
12th   Kim Wright
13th   Robin Page
14th   Sam Dakin
16th   Ryan Craggs
DNF (2 Laps)     Josh Reilly
DNF (1 Lap)      Alex Beaven
DNF (0.5 Laps) Kerran Tetley

U15 Boys
7th    Jake Craggs
11th  Finn Welsford Ackroyd

U17 Woman
1st    Jemma Manchester    2012 OCEANIA CHAMPION
2nd   Harriet Beaven

U15 Girls
2nd   Jessica Manchester
In the afternoon the following results were achieved by a host of ex Jafakids….

U23 Men
8th    Adrian Retief  (ex Jafakid)
10th  Harley Going  (ex Jafakid)
11th  Nick Miller      (ex Jafakid)

U23 Women
3rd   Sasha Smith (ex Jafakid – coach Sasha)

U19 Men
9th   Tom Fox           (ex Jafakid)
11th Elliot Pearce   (ex Jafakid)


Sunday saw the drizzle and rain arrive that made for a challenging downhill event on the national downhill course with nobody quite sure if the heavens were going to open or if it would just hold off.  Brother and Sister Peter and Sophiemarie Bethell both represented the Jafakids.  The competition was pretty fierce and Peter achieved a great 8th place in the U17 Men category after a tough XC race the day before.  Sophiemarie showed outstanding class to take a third and claim a podium finish in the Oceania’s.

Downhill Results

U17  Men
8th   Peter Bethell

Elite Women
3rd   Sophiemarie Bethell
7th   Adrienne Hooper (Jafakids Coach Chip)


The Eliminator was approximately 600m long and designed as a sprint lap with a few tricky bits to sort out the field.  Four riders start in each round and only the first two go through to the next.

Eliminator Results

4th   Harley Going (ex Jafakid)
6th   Elliot Pearce  (ex Jafakid)

See the full set of Oceania results here


Race Report:  Black Stump   11-Feb-2012

A large contingent of Jafakids headed for the rugged Hakarimata Ranges at Glen Massey, not far from Ngaruawahia on the way to Hamilton.  While it rained on the way down, the sun soon came out and it looked set to be a scorcher.  There were several courses on offer;  12k, 18k, 30k and 40k, all weaving their way round, up, and over the big hills through features such as the boiler house, and the top of the world which were all well named.  Jafakids were represented in every distance.

Shotgun StartThe race start saw the 40k riders leave in the first wave on the firing of a shotgun (yes – a real shotgun!).  Sam Dakin was our Jafakids representative in this race supported by Coach Steve (on a single speed).  The next shotgun firing saw the second  wave with all the 30k riders heading off up the hill, and  in which we had Tom Coombes, Ryan Craggs, Kerran Tetley and Jemma Manchester.  They were supported by Coach Phil and Thomas Neradt (Max’s dad).  The third and final wave saw the 18k and 12k riders combined.  Alex Delamore, Charlotte Delamore and Harriet Beaven were our 18k riders with Jake Craggs and Jessica Manchester riding in the 12k class.  Jake and Jessica, with great presence of mind, lined up at the front of the grid alongside Alex, Charlotte and Hattie but were spotted by an eagle eyed starter who sent them to the back “where all 12k riders belong”.  They wouldn’t stay there for long though, and once the gun sounded were quicksmart making their way through all the adults up the hill!

All riders completed a 7km first loop before coming back past the start/finish area and off into the “wilderness”.  All the Jafakids were looking strong but the hills were definitely taking their toll on the adults!

Each distance category got a slightly different view of the rest of the course with them each taking in slightly different loops and sections of track.  Needless to say it comprised some gruelling up-hills that required you to become very friendly with your Granny and some jarring rutted downs that would thoroughly test out the dentist’s last fillings.

At the finish line 50 minutes after the start, the time keepers were just telling us how the first riders would be finishing in about 15 minutes when Jake suddenly appeared powering his way to the finish line as the first finisher and the first overall for the 12km in a record time.  About 11 minutes later Jessica appeared, racing up the final straight, breaking her chain 20 metres from the finish, and running across the line for a fantastic Young Jafakids one/ two.

Not all that far behind in time, the 18k riders appeared with Hattie flying in as the first 18k woman and Alex a few minutes later leading the way in for the boys 12-15 category.  Charlotte chased her brother home gaining a third place in her category for her trouble.

Meanwhile, the 30 and 40k riders were battling the heat of the day with many making maximum use of the five or so drink stations to keep hydrated and cool.  An important lesson for novice racers – water is good to poor on head but isotonic drinks are usually sticky – no names will be mentioned here!

In the 30k race Tom finished first overall with a totally dominant performance beating all other age groups.  Ryan was second in the 12-15 category with Jemma coming home to take first in the Girls (12-15) before Kerran came in to achieve a hard earned fourth.

Finally, Sam Dakin can in to triumph in the arduous 40k event taking first in the 12-15 category.

So, at the end of the day, we were told that this may possibly be the last Black Stump. It’s hard to tell whether and when it might return as no one really knows, but whatever happens in the future the Jafakids had a blast at the 2012 event – just take a look at the fantastic Jafakids results below – amazing results by any standards.  What a team!

Jafakids results were as follows:

12K Boys  (12-15)The trophy haul!!

1st Jake Craggs

12K Girls (12-15)

1st Jessica Manchester

18K Boys (12-15)

1st Alex Delamore

18K Women (16-19)

1st Harriet Beaven

3rd Charlotte Delamore

30K Boys (12-15)

1st Tom Coombes2nd Ryan Craggs4th Kerran Tetley

30K Girls (12-15)

1st Jemma Mancheser

40K Boys  (12-15)

1st Sam Dakin


Race Report: NZ Cup (Race 4/4) – Napier 26-Feb-2012

After a night of sporadic showers the day started with a clear bright sky – quite still and even a bit chilly in the shade.  The day was split into two halves with the junior and masters races in the morning and the U19 and Elite rides in the afternoon.  In the morning session the Jafakids had Tom Coombes, Sam Dakin, Peter Bethel,  Ryan Craggs and Alex Beaven starting in the U17 Boys race, while Jake Craggs started in the U15 Boys.  Hatty Beaven and Jemma Manchester were our representatives in the U17 Girls.

After a short road section from the start the course wove its way into a short section of single track before heading up a long and steep 4WD track hill.  From there the riders entered another single track section before heading down a slightly greasy switchback downhill section and then meandered back along the side of the hill to the start finish area.  A lap of 5.9km.

Racing started 5 minutes or so ahead of schedule with the racers flying up the track – and all the spectators and marshals scrambling to the side of the course.  The masters were followed by the U17 and U15 Boys who raced up the single track with Tom leading out Sam, Peter, Ryan, Alex, and Jake.   In the Girls race Hatty led out Jemma but both were neck and neck.

The first Lap saw Tom vying for 3rd place and extending his lead over Sam(6th), Peter(8th), and Ryan(10th) with Alex pulling out with a chain problem.  Jake was holding 5th place in the U15.   In the Girls race Hatty was leading Jemma by just a few seconds.

Harriet Beaven 1, Jemma Manchester 2

Harriet Beaven 1, Jemma Manchester 2

The second lap saw Sam have a problem with his rear wheel which set him back and allowed Peter through to take 7th place.  Sam wasn’t done just yet though and put the hammer down to try and catch Peter back up.  By the third lap Sam and Peter  were together again.  Jemma had a bit of a fall and dropped about 30 seconds behind Hatty but was still in second place in her category.

Hatty was first to finish her 3 lap race followed by a fast finishing Jemma just ten or so seconds behind.  Jake came in to finish his 3 laps in sixth place in his category.  Meanwhile the U17 Boys had started their fourth and final lap, Tom finally finishing in fourth just seconds behind the third placer.  Despite catching Peter, Sam just could not get past and in the later stages Peter pulled out a small lead with neither of them having much more to give at the end of the race with Peter in 7th Sam in 8th and Ryan following up with a creditable top ten finish in 10th.

In the afternoon’s racing Elliot Pearce and Guy Hirst battled it out with a super-fast U19 field over 5 long, hard laps of the same course.  Elliot was circulating in 6th before some problem seemed to slow him on the 4th lap putting him down to 8th place which is where he finished with Guy having a solid race finishing in 9th place – again top ten finishers so a great result.

In the NZ cup standings, Hatty’s win secured her a first place (and another Gold medal) in the NZ Cup series.  Way to go Hatty!

Race Results

U15 Boys

6th Jake Craggs

U17 Boys

4th Tom Coombes

7th Peter Bethel

8th Sam Dakin

10th Ryan Craggs

DNF Alex Beaven

U17 Girls

1st Harriet Beaven  (winner of the gold medal for NZ Cup series as well!)

2nd Jemma Manchester

U19 Men

8th Elliot Pearce

9th Guy Hirst

Race Report:  NZ Championships, Nelson   28-29-Jan 2012

Jemma getting a silver medal - " thanks to Endura, Mum and Dad and the Jafakids"

Jemma getting a silver medal – ” thanks to Endura, Mum and Dad and the Jafakids”

Nelson was the venue for the 2012 New Zealand Nationals MTB Championships.  The XC event was held at the Codgers MTB Park just a few kilometres from the city centre.  The trails were hilly with a few testing tight up hill rooty corners and some slightly rocky descents into soft dust corners – just in case there wasn’t enough excitement in your life at the moment!

Race day came and brought a bright and sunny day, with just a bit of early morning dew to temporarily dampen the dust.  The days leading up to the race saw plenty of practice on the trails and with the odd fall as riders tried to get to grips with some of the technical sections. Sams bike needing a quick trip to the local Avanti-Plus bike doctor for a new derailier.  Pre-riding on the day itself saw Ryan turn up with a suspiciously dusty shoulder looking a little dazed!

The XC event was divided into two main races.  In the morning the U15, U17, Seniors and Masters raced, while the afternoon was reserved for the U19 and Elite riders race.

The first race started at 10:30 with a long and steady climb up a gravel road leading up a gully before turning into the trails and racing down an undulating track to about half way down and then off and into the forest.  We had 7 riders competing in the U17 age group.   Tom Coombes, Peter Bethel, Sam Dakin, Ryan Craggs, and Alex Beavan all competed in the U17 Boys while Hattie Beavan and Jemma Manchester competed in the U17 Girls.

The first lap saw Tom take out a small lead from Peter, Sam and Ryan who were all within earshot of each other, tracked by Alex. In the girls race Jemma managed to get into the single track first but was being very closely followed by Hattie and Shannon Hope from Dunedin.  As the race unfolded the dust became a bit of a factor both for traction and visibility/breathing and the technical sections in the single track certainly helped spread the field out. At the end of the first lap in the girls race Jemma had been overtaken by Shannon but the top four girls were all very close.

The second lap saw Tom drop one place to 6th with Peter gaining a place to 8th and Sam gaining 3 places to 10th with Ryan (having a hard day) dropping to 13th and Alex battling away behind.  In the girls race Jemma was holding second but Hattie had been passed by a local rider, although all girls were still lapping with 30 seconds of each other.

This pretty much set the finishing order for the race.

Presentations saw Jemma getting a much deserved Silver Medal and thanking Endura, Mum and dad and the Jafakids – way to go Jemma!

In the afternoons U19 Mens Race, Elliot Pearce and ex Jafakids Guy Hirst, and Tom Fox lined up against the fearsome Anton Cooper.  In the Elite race lineup, ex-Jafakids Nick Miller, Adrian Retief, Harley Going and Ian Burgess lined up in the Mens and Sasha Smith (after a fantastic 2nd place in the Super D the day before) lined up for the womens race.  The start was really something of a spectacle with Anton Cooper screaming away up the hill – must have been almost 10 meters ahead in the first 50 meters – and he didn’t seem to slow up much from there!  This was a very tough race for the U19’s and not too easy for the Elite riders with ultra fast U19 Anton Cooper making life very tough indeed.  This race was fast and furious.  Elliot and Tom were on each others wheels for just about the entire race until a puncture put Elliot out of contention on the final lap.  Guy Hirst fell victim to Anton Cooper’s incredible speed and was lapped up just before he could start his final lap.

Jafakids (and ex Jafakids) results are as follows.

XC Results

U17 Girls

2nd Jemma Manchester

4th Harriet Beavan

U17 Boys

6th Tom Coombes

8th Peter Bethel

10th Sam Dakin

15th Ryan Craggs

18th Alex Beavan

U19 Boys

7th Tom Fox

12th Elliot Pearce

15th Guy Hirst

Elite Men (ex Jafakids)

8th Adrian Retief

10th Harley Going

12th Nick Miller

26th Ian Burgess

Elite Women (ex Jafakid)

11th Sasha Smith

Other riders

8th Jared Scollay – Masters 1

9th Tony Beavan – Masters 3 (Hattie and Alex’s dad)

Super-D Results

2nd Sasha Smith – Elite Women

Super D National Championships - Raewyn Morrison 1st, Sasha Smith 2nd, Sarah Atkin 3rd (also National DH Champ 2012). Photo Endura NZ

Super D National Championships – Raewyn Morrison 1st, Sasha Smith 2nd, Sarah Atkin 3rd (also National DH Champ 2012). Photo Endura NZ

Race Report:  TOUR DE WHAKA   7-8-Jan2012

This weekend marked the first running of the Tour de Whaka in Rotorua.  The event is run by N-Duro and is a new format of racing which involves doing a hill climb, a super D downhill, a Time Trial and an XC race – all on the same bike.  Each rider gets a time for each event and the winner is the lowest combined total time.

Day 1

RyanWe all arrived at the event nice and early Saturday morning.  The weather was warm and dry but a little overcast.  The starting order had been pre-determined and was the starting order for all events except the XC race which would be a mass start.  Competitors were to leave at 1 minute intervals.  The organisers had decided to put all the sprocket and junior riders early in the starting order.  We had a bit of an uphill journey in to the forest for the start of the hill climb at 9:00am.  Ryan was first in the starting order followed by Jemma in second.  With the hill climb underway a few hardened followers ground their way up the mountain to meet the kids and sheppard them to the start of the next race – the Super D.

Arriving at the finish of the hill climb, there were reports of how hard it had been and how fast some of the top riders had been flying up the hill on their super light bikes.  Tom and Elliot had managed the climb in just over 17 minutes which was pretty good going.  Kerran was apparently appropriately ill (maybe losing some of his breakfast) at the top after having given 100% up the climb.

Having had a quick rest at the top of the hill the Jafakids contingent headed to the start of the Super D.  It was actually quite a distance to get to this but led by Coach Phil and followed (some way back) by Nigel, got there in plenty of time.  The Super D was not a hardcore downhill course but an XC course that followed a “mainly” downhill path – so there were some definite up hills as well on this downhill!   Coach Barry, Phil and Nigel accompanied by Jake, made their way down the course as a bit of a pre-ride.  A very fast trail where you rarely got to sit – just pedal or stand through the steeper downhill parts.  Legs would be burning by the bottom of the course which the likes of Tom, Elliot and Sam somehow managing to knock the whole thing off in about 20 minutes of pure hard fast riding.  Elliot apparently impressed at the start by doing a track stand followed by a burnout start – none of which made him any faster but gave the other starters a bit of entertainment.

Heamorrhoid TyreRecovery was definitely required before the final event of the day the time trial which started at 1:00pm.   While waiting for the start of the time trial, entertainment was provided by one rider parting company with his bike about 5m before the Super D finish line with bike and (former) rider crossing the line separately before coming to an uncontrolled stop – no harm done though just a load of whooping and cheering.  Also, I like to think I played my part when, while standing beside my bike doing absolutely nothing, it’s rear tyre suddenly decided it didn’t really want to stay on the rim and let the inner tube out the side.  I then had a bit of a race on my hand to let the air out before the inner tube burst  – while everyone else either laughed their heads off or tried to take a photo!

Some of the Jafakids went for a quick warm-up / pre-ride of the start of the Time Trial which turned out to be invaluable for Isaac as 100m in he broke his chain.  A quick run back to the start and a quick bit of maintenance saw his chain link in place and ready to go.  The importance of carrying a chain link!  That pre-ride problem actually ended up saving Isaacs race.

Ryan led off the riders on the time trial again with Elliot doing a neat whip jump for his start to get himself off the line spectacularly, if not particularly quickly.  Jemma felt the uncontrollable urge to hug a tree on the way down which did slow her time slightly but other than a new trophy bruise had no mechanical damage – to the bike!

ETQAt the end of the day the results were published so that everyone could see where they stood – with much pondering of how many seconds they would need to make up to gain a place the following day.

Day 2

Day two started Wet – Very Wet.  Elliot, who we may need to nick name Noah from now on turned up in a boat and parked up near the lake formerly known as the car park!  The organisers had decided to pull the race start time forward as the weather was forecast to get worse in the afternoon so the race started at 9:10 shortly followed by an Elite rider racing back, having started – to get to his car for their transponder.  Reports were that he was absolutely flying after this and still passed all the Jafakids!

As the riders sped round the first half of the course we wondered how muddy it would really be in free draining Rotorua.  The answer came as the first top riders powered through – covered in mud.

Elliot and Tom came through early followed closely by Ryan who was having a blinding race followed by Sam and Peter.  Jemma had flipped over the handlebars somewhere in the first half while leading the rest of the boys and was now trailing them but still racing.

The finish saw some aerial skill by Elliot as he flew over the finish line to record the highest jump of the day, shortly followed by Tom.  Sam finished strongly followed by Peter and then a gap to Kerran who had a great race.  Ryan had gone missing as no one had passed him but he had not come in, luckily he did eventually reappear shortly followed by Robin and Jemma.  Ryan apparently disappeared into the forest following the still in place N-Duro signs from the first day, doing a complete loop of old Chevy rather than what had been intended and  was really surprised / disappointed when he arrived back to hear he had gone the wrong way!  Isaac followed up a fantastic effort for the Jafakids.

Prize giving saw the Jafakids get a big mention just for being there and being such great participants!  We naturally also had some podiums.  Overall Results for Jafakids are as follows (more detail can be found here):


Sprockets Girls (U16 on race day) Name                    Race #  Overall Hill     Super D  Time       XC
 Time Climb             Trial
1       JEMMA MANCHESTER   2    2:21:58 0:19:21  0:23:52  0:14:34  1:24:11
Sprockets Boys (U16 on race day Name                    Race #  Overall Hill     Super D  Time       XC
 Time Climb             Trial
1       TOM     COOMBES   10    2:00:07 0:17:06  0:20:22  0:11:58  1:10:41
2       ETHAN   JACOBS    18    2:01:26 0:16:50  0:21:06  0:12:36  1:10:54
3       SAM     DAKIN     16    2:06:32 0:17:54  0:20:55  0:12:30  1:15:13
4       PETER   BETHELL   17    2:08:34 0:18:04  0:21:07  0:12:50  1:16:33
5       SAM     DOBBIN     5    2:08:46 0:17:37  0:22:37  0:13:33  1:14:59
6       NATHAN  JOHNSTON  60    2:13:13 0:18:30  0:22:19  0:13:01  1:19:23
7       RYAN    CRAGGS     1    2:18:29 0:18:47  0:22:41  0:13:16  1:23:45
8       KERRAN  TETLEY     8    2:23:54 0:22:53  0:23:40  0:14:46  1:22:35
9       ROBIN   PAGE       9    2:24:54 0:23:00  0:22:53  0:15:02  1:23:59
10      ISAAC   SCHUURMAN 12    2:35:23 0:22:01  0:24:08  0:15:41  1:33:33
11      ZACH    MEDICH     4              0:20:40  0:22:32  0:13:41
12      HAYDEN  SCHUURMAN 13              0:24:28  0:31:13  0:18:33
Junior Boys (U19 on race day) Name                    Race #  Overall Hill     Super D  Time       XC
 Time Climb             Trial
6       ELLIOT  PEARCE    15    2:00:25 0:17:03  0:20:33  0:12:33  1:10:16

Happy JAFAcrew

Mid-North Island Cup Round 3 – Napier

Kim at speed down Ninja

Some of the JAFAKIDS team enjoying themselves after the Taupo race

Dry and hot were the conditions in Napier this weekend marking the 3rd race in the Mid North Island Cup.   A team of five Jafakids made the trip down.

The Napier event was held in the Eskdale forest about 10minutes north of Napier.  The ground was hardened dirt – much dryer than riverhead but looked like it would turn slightly muddy in the rain.

There were a couple of notable main features to the course.  The first was a long gradual uphill that went on for about 2km and rose about 130m above the valley floor.  The next feature of note (predictably) was a stonking downhill called “Ninja” with drop offs, huge bermed corners and blind off camber corners – all very exciting.

Pre-riding the course proved to be a mixed blessing.  On one hand, Isaacs broken gear cable did cause some stress for the pit crew (dad) back at base when he returned. But on the other hand that gear cable would have definitely let him down in the race – so a lesson that it’s always worth checking your bike before you leave home for a race.  Kim also had an issue with his low set handlebars, which – during a rather unorthodox dismount on Ninja – somehow managed a full (and impossible) 360 degree rotation.  Because it was impossible to get the bars into this position it was naturally impossible to get them out again.  Fortunately trainee mobile mechanic, Jake and his multi tool, came to the rescue.  Once again, it was great that this didn’t happen during the race but sad that Kim did miss that nice bit of metal and paint that used to be on the top of his cross bar.

Anyway to the race!   Each category started with a 3 minute interval, which avoided some of the problems from the start at Taupo.  The field of 15 Junior boys (U15) all headed up the hill with Ryan vying for the lead with Lewis Eccles of Taupo – winner at both the previous races.  At the top of the hill Lewis Eccles had got ahead of Ryan who having “made a mistake” was now in second.   Kim came next with Isaac following about 10 or so metres behind.  Kalen having a cramped muscle in his leg was being chased hot on his heals by Jake (a surprise last minute entry).    Ninja saw Ryan starting to chase first place again with Kim and Isaac still quite close, and Kalen looking more comfortable on the downhill section – still being shadowed by Jake 30, seconds back.

The second and final lap saw Isaac pass Kim and slowly pull out a lead going up the long hill.  Kalen seemed to be riding better now and Jake was still spinning away trying to keep Kalen honest – albeit from 2 minutes behind – but still holding race position.

All the riders came home in fine form and relaxed on the structures near the start while the other races finished.  Pictures of race and Jafakids can be found here.

Results were as follows (full Results can be seen here):

1st Lewis Eccles  (Taupo)

2nd Ryan Craggs

3rd Connor McRae  (Rotorua)

4th Robert Stannard   (Palmerston North)

5th Isaac Schuurman

6th Nathan Johnston  (Rotorua)

7th Kim Wright

8th Kalen Weir

9th Henry Carr  (Rotorua)

10th Jake Craggs

11th Joe Sutton  (Taupo)

12th Taylor Johnston  (Rotorua)

13th Jack Carruthers  (Waipukurau)

14th Toby Carr (Rotorua)

DNF Connor Johnston  (Rotorua)

A fantastic effort by those racers on the day and the Mid north Island Cup now heads to the final round at Rotorua this weekend.  This will apparently be run on the same course as the Oceanias next year.  So if Oceanias is on your list of things to do it might be worth considering a trip to Rotorua next weekend.

For those with an interest, the current Series results  – with just one to go are here


Auckland MTB Endura Series – Riverhead


Robin and Ryan - Series #1 and #2 by a whiskerJemma - U17 Girls Series ChampionRiverhead hosted the final round of the Auckland Mountain Bike Endura Series.  Riverhead was unusually dry – though still came complete with the familiar bottomless puddles dotted around to keep things interesting.  Once again, there were some issues just getting to the start line with Finn having to use his heavy old school bike, Jemma having brake issues (Binding), and Ryans wheel mysteriously out of true with too many loose spokes to count on one hand.  All managed to get fixed before the start – apart from Finns bike for which there was no known cure to its weighty problem.

The race start saw Jemma crashing down to the gravel after a tap on her rear wheel from behind, then, having to re-mount to start amongst the back markers at the end of the pack.  Going into the single track it was Sam Daiken heading Ryan and Robin with Finn, Jake, Alex Delamore and Jemma all in hot pursuit.  The course took in some great tracks and with it being dry (ish) they were actually rideable, which was a real treat.  Some pretty long, hard ascents soon spread the field out.  Sam lost time with a chain problem which put him behind Ryan and Robin who were circulating in first and second respectively by half way round the first lap.  Jemma had finally got past Jake who was racing his socks off but Alex also seemed to be having a few more chain issues than he would like which dropped him back a bit.  By the end of the first lap it was still Ryan heading Robin in very close formation, with Sam trying to give chase.  It seemed that Finns bike was not quite heavy enough to flatten all the hills so (despite a valiant effort) he had to call it a day after steamrollering his school bike round the first 11km lap.

The second lap saw more excitement as an alternative line up a root filled section saw Robin pull out a bit of a lead over Ryan.  Sam was not far behind now and Jemma at last had a bit of clear air to make headway instead of overtaking everyone.  Jake was still putting in a great performance with Alex still battling it out with chain problems.

At the close Ryan managed to close the gap to just a few metres with Robin taking 1st.  Sam came in ahead of Jemma with Jake fishtail sliding his way over the finish line to take 4th and Alex coming home a creditable 6th after a hard morning.

Prize giving saw many spot prizes won at the end of the day with Jemma lifting one of the star prizes of a Heli Ski voucher – now just needs to figure out how to get to Queenstown to spend it!

Some of the younger Jafakids who had been supporting all day also didn’t miss out, and in a show of extraordinary athletic ability, rushed up to the desk for the final few spot prizes – the word stampede almost comes to mind!  The future for Jafakids racing is indeed bright!

Jafakids (unofficial) results as follows:

U17 Boys

1st Robin Page    (Series Winner)

2nd Ryan Craggs (Series 2nd place)

3rd Sam Daiken

4th Jake Craggs

6th Alex Delamore

DNF  Finn Welsford-Ackroyd

U17 Girls

1st Jemma Manchester (Series Winner)

Mid North Island Champs Round 2 – Tokoroa



An absolutely stunning (but chilly start) to the day in Tokoroa saw a great turnout of competitors.  For those who have never been to Tokoroa before, Cougar Park is 500m off the main road through town and starts from the clubrooms that sit up on a knoll overlooking extensive sports grounds – the forest almost comes to the edge of town, absolutely awesome.

The race involved our intrepid Jafakids (Isaac Schuurman, Kim Wright and Kalen Weir in the under 15’s and Tom Coombes in the under 17’s) who would have 3 laps of 7.1km (except Tom who had to do 4) through a combination of forestry roads and single track.  A mass start around the sports field saw our guys jostling with a large pack of extremely fit and hungry riders who were not averse to the use of elbows and shoves to gain position (as Kim found out on a number of occasions).

The pace was intense and all our Jafakids did well, with a constant battle between the Rotorua squads and us Jafakids seeing riders only seconds apart through some pretty challenging terrain.  Fortunately the track was fairly dry meaning the steep twisting downhill’s could be taken at some pace – I think all riders fully understand now why you use way more front brakes than back!

Isaac did brilliantly well to get through the pack and stick with the two leading riders to come in a very close third with Kim and Kalen powering in sprint finishes to secure 4th and 5th position not far behind.  Unfortunately Tom had a puncture, which although he managed to sort at lightning speed, cost him a podium position but still managed to come in the leading bunch.

Our “graduate” Elliot Pearce, demonstrated great prowess as well with a third placing in the open men’s (first race on his new bike) with some really tough competition and Sasha Smith who got 1st in the open women’s even with the race not going according to plan.

Great day! great fun! great results!

Jafakids (unofficial) Results are as follows:

U15 Boys

3rd Isaac Schuurman

4th Kim Wright

5th Kalen Weir

U17 Boys

Tom Coombes

Open Men

3rd Elliot Pearce

Open Women

1st Sasha Smith (ex Jafakid)

Reports by Coach Nigel (Riverhead) and Bruce (Tokoroa)

Mid North Island Cup Round 1 of 4 – Taupo


Some of the JAFAKIDS team enjoying themselves after the Taupo race

Jake, Daniel and Ryan at Whaka100

It was a bright and early start for some for the drive down to Taupo for the first round of the Mid North Island Cup.

The Craters of the Moon Trails are a bit of an eye opener for those that have not visited before.  There’s a wealth of trails all of which are well signposted and graded and interlink wonderfully.  The surface is largely pumice which means no mud and it tends to stay pretty firm and dry.  There are some very fast trails here and very high speeds are attainable with a bit of track knowledge and/or confidence.  There is also one trail called Grinder which just goes up and up and up – nice, if you like that sort of thing!

As seems usual there were a few dramas just getting to the start with Ryan getting a new freehub on Friday, Jemma needing a front brake transplant on Saturday night and Robins front deralier needing a bit of tweeking just prior to heading off to the start line.

The start was a mass start arranged oldest to youngest, which is always tricky with most Jafakids starting toward the back of the field even though they are probably faster than a lot of the riders in front of them. Jemma got the honour as Under 15 Girls representative to start right at the back!

The mass start up a road which then diverted into a narrow single file bridge produced a predictable pile up which really ruined Isaacs start as he got tangled up in it.  Tom Coombes was first to emerge from the start area closely followed by Peter Bethel, Kim Wright, Ryan Craggs, Kalen Weir, Robin Page, Coach Bruce, Jemma Manchester, and Isaac Schuurman.

Halfway round the first lap it was very close between Tom and Peter, while Kim, Ryan and Robin were circulating in quite close proximity.  On the way back to complete the first lap Ryan got past Kim but then disaster for Kim when his back wheel came loose.  Robin had to take evasive action and both checked out the ground cover momentarily.  Kim’s rear derailier was a bit mangled but fortunately was fixable but only with a fair bit of time spent on the side of the track.

Kalen was still ahead of coach Bruce, but Bruce was starting to fly and Jemma was chasing them both having battled past half the field to finally get back in touch with the boys.  Isaac was looking strong and still in touch with the group.

The second lap saw more drama with Kalen coming off and being passed by coach Bruce, Jemma  and Isaac while Ryan also had an off coming down the fast and furious Buzzard Track and was now being tracked by Robin – them both having moved into second and third positions respectively  in their category.

Robin chased Ryan all the way round the rest of the second and final of their laps and the finish saw a very tight sprint for the line with Ryan narrowly edging it taking 2nd place while Robin secured 3rd less than 1 second behind.  Next, came Jemma to win her category after overtaking about 39 riders from the start.  An awesome result from these three to take podiums.

Meanwhile, Tom and Peter were still battling round in their Under 17 race needing to take in an extra lap.  Coach Bruce was also still circulating at a seemingly ever increasing pace now the youngsters were out the way!  In the end Tom came in a credible 5th with Peter coming in 6th – both being Under 16’s riding in an Under 17’s race.Photos of the race can be found here.

The final results were as follows:

U15 Girls

1st Jemma Manchester

U15 Boys

2nd Ryan Craggs

3rd Robin Page

7th Isaac Schuurman

8th Kalen Weir

10th Kim Wright

U17 Boys

5th Tom Coombes

6th Peter Bethel

Vet2 Men

10th Coach Bruce (Rocket Coach)

All the Podiums and some spot prize winners received Hell Pizza vouchers – strangely a batch load of Jafakids were spotted about 30 minutes after prize giving spending the fruits of their labours in central Taupo!


Jake, Daniel and Ryan at Whaka100

A number of Jafakids represented their schools at this event this year at Rotorua

The course was typically fast but demanded skill to get the best from it.  The format was Junior (U16) and Seniors (U19) Boys, Girls and Mixed.  Boys raced for 3hrs, Girls raced for 2hrs.

It was an eventful day with some frenetic riding.

Hattie Bevan and her team mate, Logan, from Parnell ACG managed to race their way onto the podium in the U19 mixed category despite only being a team of two against other teams of 4.

In the U19 Boys the Auckland Grammar boys were also gunning for a podium with Tom Fox taking the challenge two laps at time and team members Logan Callesen, and Hugo Bloor putting together some stellar lap times.

In the U16 boys, Jafakids Ryan Craggs and Kerran Tetley teamed up with two other school team mates (Jack Fisher and Jason Callesen) to put up an awesome effort to land a place on the podium all quiet and totally exhausted at the end!

In the U16 Girls, Jemma Manchester teamed up with Sarah Russell and Charlotte Rayner to take a huge lead on the rest of the girls teams  – even beating all the U19 girls teams which was a fantastic achievement which wasn’t really mentioned at the prize giving but we noticed, so we will mention it!

The Hard luck team prize ( I think they really did get a prize?) went to Jafakid  Alex Bevan’s team  (Parnell ACG) who raced around with his team mate (only two of them going hard out)  for 2 hours giving it all, then getting changed before realising that the race was 3 hours long.

Some photos of the event and prize giving can be found here:

The following were the podium results from the teams with Jafakids as members, all of whom stepped up to receive medals:


Junior Girls 1st Jemma Manchester (Howick College)

Senior Boys  1st Tom Fox (Auckland Grammar)


Junior Boys  2nd Ryan Craggs, Kerran Tetley (Auckland Grammar)

Senior Mixed 2nd Harriot Bevan (Parnell ACG College)

Sunday October 30th

Auckland MTB champs Round 3 – Slater Road

A good number of participants this weekend for the Auckland MTB Champs.

This was the third race in the series and comprised XC and Challenge rides. Slater Road has some great trails but is on private land so not often able to be ridden.  The drive into the farm gave an idea of what was to come with many non 4wd having to park at the bottom of a big hill and walk / ride the final 500m or so to the start – at least until the track dried out.  Sadly the coffee van didn’t make it!

The first race start was the 30K and Challenge race which saw Isaac Schuurman taking on the adults as there was no junior category.  Half an Hour later the 15km XC and Challenge race start saw a raft of Jakakids and coach Brent head off up the hill into the forest.

There were a number of racing incidents throughout the day.  The first wasn’t really so much a racing incident but a non-race incident when Kalen got “sort of lost” on his warm up lap and failed to materialise until about 15 minutes after the start of his race – never mind he still managed to pick up the top spot prize!

The trails saw Jacqui walking back with a stick in the tyre – the kind of puncture that really needs professional help!  Hayden Shuurman (new Jafakid) had an off on one of the tricky downhill sections and walked in a bit battered and bruised but we hope otherwise ok – it’s never nice falling off.

Meanwhile in the XC racing Tom Coombes was leading the U17 pack while Robin and Ryan were chasing each other round the forest with Jafakid Jake keeping them both honest.    Robin rode hard and had an awesome race to get the better of Ryan’s weary legs on an uphill before Ryan started trying to chase him down to the finish with just 16 seconds between them.   Jemma (also with weary legs from the race yesterday) still managed a really good race  and Charlotte (still smiling as always) followed her home for a brilliant one two for Jafakids.

In the 15k Challenge Race, Coach Brent  was so quick the organisers had to check with him that he had actually done the laps and not just walked over the transponder pick-up a couple of times between sandwiches.  Brent was followed by another new Jafakid Elye Shuurman (yes the shuurmans were out in force today).  Issac Schuurman ( Elye and Haydens older brother) came home a highly creditable third overall racing in the adults category.

Photos are here.  Results of the day were as follows:

U17 Boys

1st Tom Coombes

2nd Robin Page

3rd Ryan Craggs

4th Jake Craggs

U17 Girls

1st Jemma Manchester

2nd Charlotte Delamore

DNF Jacqui Paltridge (Mechanical)

Challenge 15k

1st Brent Paltridge (Coach)

10th Elye Schuurman

DNF Hayden Schuurman

Challenge 30K

3rd Isaac Schuurman

XC Expert Category

3rd Nick Miller (ex Jafakid)