Joining Jafakids

Muster rides are the first step to signing new riders on to JAFAKIDS. They are held in the September/October school holidays and serve three purposes:

  1. Provide an opportunity for new riders and their parents/guardians to sample the JAFAKIDS experience.
  2. Provide the coaching staff a chance to assess the ability of new riders.
  3. Give senior and experienced JAFAKIDS riders exposure to working with and developing younger inexperienced riders.

Selection Criteria – What coaches will be looking for:

  • General trail ride ability.
  • Confidence on the trails.
  • Correct type of bike size and set up.
  • Fitness level.
  • Attitude.
  • Equipment.

Riders will be told within a week of the conclusion of the muster if they have been selected and which groups they will be riding with.

The next muster ride is on  15th October 2017 1pm at Woodhill.

Please contact us via email if you have any questions or would like to join but can’t attend on the muster date.


Jafak kids ride

Jafak kids ride


What do parents/riders need to consider when purchasing a mountain bike?

  • Correct type of bike (XC bike / preferably hard tail).
  • Sizing -a bit too small is often better than too big. Ask a coach for advice.
  • Gearing (Double or Triple chain ring up front and at least 24 gears).