Last Saturday of the Month coached ride October

Hi all,

A quick message to confirm the coaching this weekend. We have 8 students confirmed and possibility of a few more showing up also. There are a few on the ‘Going’ list who have said they can’t make it and a few who said they can so don’t take that list for gospel. If you still want to come but havn’t put your hand up yet, just show up on the day, we won’t stress out about it and you can slot yourself into a group on the day. The coaches we have organized are:

-Sophie Mary Bethell – Novice A Group.
-Royce – Novice B Group. Royce says that “The lesson Topic I would cover is Trailside Repairs. This covers a wide range of problems and how to fix them to either carry on or limp home level. It would be largely static so any riding would be up to the individuals on its conclusion. ”
-Martyn Pearce – Intermediate Group

To come for coaching please show up at the allocated time of 0900 in your riding gear with a safe working mountainbike and helmet. Please remember no helmet = no ride and don’t forget to bring $10 cash on the day.

The entrance to the WCRC trails at Riverhead is marked by the yellow arrow that says “You are here” on the map below. You might need to look at GoogleMaps to confirm exactly where you are going.

Hope you all have a good time.


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