Long ride – October 21st

For those riding K2 or the Tri champs – good luck.
Race points. Now we’re getting to the point where we want to get some speed through the legs. Racing intervals  — ride it like you stole it, but remember 1 is the loneliest number, you want to ride in teams, and you want to ride sensibly.
Todays Course map
– loop up to Silverdale  via West Harbour and Albany hill, O’Brien, Ridge, Old North – a nice wee loop, then Te Henga and  Bethells
  • 2 race points – 1. From start of Hunter Road (5km loop)
  • Bethells School – Home (Release point – Bethells School)

These are  High intensity (Race Pace) Intervals – good for getting some speed in the legs

Regroup at the end of the race points ( or the coffee shop for the second one )

Ride as a team – you want to beat the other teams. Also ride carefully – 2 abreast is ok – 3 abreast is a waste of everyones time……..

Sunday21 Oct

High 18°C
Overnight 12°C

Rain to showers. Strong northwesterlies easing.

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