Minutes from AGM 2013

Department of Cycling

 AGM Meeting Minutes 8th December 2013

Date:                           8th December 2013 (1.30pm – 2.30pm)

Venue:                       Waitakere Rugby Club, Swanson Road, Henderson, Auckland

Apologies:                Rob Norcross (Treasurer), Sarah Natac (MTB Delegate)

Present:                    Committee Members:  Kathryn Eltringham (Chairperson),   Gayle McGregor (Secretary), Alex Bowden (Events), Sandra Postance (Membership), Sean James (Road)

DoC members:        Approximately 20 DoC members


  Minutes of AGM – December 2013
  Apologies were read

Welcome and Chairman Report 2013 by Kathryn Eltringham.

(Please see attached document of the  Chairman Report 2013


  Treasurer Report – Click here to email comms if you would like a copy

2013 Financial report from Rob Norcross

Passed:   Rae Smith

Seconded:   Cat Web


  Change to the constitution –  Junior membership fee for members under the age of 18 years.

Passed:  Rochelle Young

Seconded:  Cat Web


Increase in membership fees for DoC was tabled

Passed:  Rochelle Young

Seconded:  Daymon Nin



Member Feedback

Dave Bowden proposed that DoC support different Events

Cat Web proposed that there are more fun Events (as per the family event held Feb 2013)

Allan Postance proposed that DoC have events were we can combine the MTB and Road together (these would be social events).


All proposals above would  be taken on board by the 2014 committee


  Committee Position Nominations


Position Nominee Nominated by Seconded by
Chairman Alloan Postance Rob Norcross Kathryn Eltringham
Secretary Bernadette Mark Cat Webb Kathryn Eltringham
Treasurer Rob Norcross Allan Postance Darrall Castle
Events Clint Knox Darrall Castle Cat Webb
MTB Sarah Natac Kathryn Eltringham Sandra Postance
Road Darrall Castle Tony Kelly Bernadette Mark
Membership Sandra Postance Cat Webb Rae Smith


Subcommittee members were called for – the following members have volunteered:


MTB Subcommittee:

Kathryn Eltringham

Martyn Pearce

Ben Edwards

Sophiemarie Bethells


Events Subcommitte:

Cat Webb

Sheryl Blewett

Sean James (Equipment)


Road Subcommittee:

Jeff Webb

Sean James

Morgan Smith





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