MTB coaching April 12th – book your place!

This year we have 5 MTB coaching sessions. Each event will cater for complete beginners, novices and intermediate riders. The topics will change each time (except the beginner session) but there will be an element of flex depending on who comes along!

SESSION 1 : April 12th (register below)

Where: Woodhill  – location

When: 9am, Saturday  April 12th

Sessions on offer: 

Beginners: “An introduction to mountain biking” see below for details

Novice: ” Riding position and Balance and control”. This session is all about getting you into good habits to master the trails. Body position is key, knowing when and where to position yourself on a bike will transform your riding. Run by Royce and Jason

Intermediates “Mountain biking for roadies (and others)” – This is for you roadies out there! Come an find out if falling on the trails hurts more or less than falling on the road. Experience the freedom of riding without bib shorts, umm… actually it is more about learning tips, tricks and skills needed to switch disciplines and to get you thinking about getting those shaved legs on to the trails and into a race, this is also a good session for intermediate MTB’ers who what to learn a few skills. This session will be followed by an argument in car park about wheel size.

You will need to let us know if you’re coming on April 12th – just use the really subtle “Register now” button below, it’s that big red button, yes that one…

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Next coaching events

  • Sat 14th June
  • Sat 9th August
  • Sat 4th October
  • Sat 15th November
What group is right for you?

Beginner – Never ridden a mountain bike before,just bought you first MTB or managed to borrow one for the weekend and wondering which which end goes in front? Then this is for you. These sessions are for the total beginner. They will look at the basics of MTB’ing.  The aim is to get you feeling confident to venture off the tarmac and on to the trails.  We expect that you will only do this session once. This will run at every coaching session numbers dependent.

Novices – You have ridden a few times and are happy having a go on the trails, but you still have to get off and walk more than you would like.  You have never considered things such as body position when riding, or how to enter and exit corners or brake properly. Small drop offs, basic woodwork and steep sections scare you a little, but you’d like to learn. You might be thinking about purchasing your first item of lycra or at least thinking about ditching the paint covered shorts for something a little more stylish and with more padding  – Does this sound like you? Then this is your group

Intermediates – OK, so you’ve riden quite a bit, you’ve maybe entered a race or are starting to think about it. You can hold your on on the trail, but every now an then you think;  “well I got down, but I know I could have done it better, faster or smoother”. Do you want to learn some advanced moves so you can corner better, ride drop offs with style rather than luck, maybe you’re thinking about spending more time in the air mastering your jumping – then these are the sessions for you. Oh and you’ve probably got an opinion on wheel size.

Each session will be tailored according to who turns up, but we will try and keep true the level of ability. If you’re not sure come along a bit earlier and we can make sure you are in the right group.

Happy trails, see you there.

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