What Muscles Does Cycling Work?


muscles worked out while cycling

Which muscles does cycling work? And How to Gain more Leg Muscle:

Cycling is definitely a great activity when it comes to burning calories and also building muscle. So what muscles does cycling work?

Everybody knows that in order to be healthy, we need to incorporate some type of exercise in our lives. But most exercise options out there are dull, boring, and just not fun to do. Cycling is a great way to get a nice workout in and also work out your leg muscles doing it.

There’s many benefits to cycling. It’s one of the best ways to lose weight and prevent obesity. It has also been proven to be one of the best way to relieve stress and depression. So that’s a great benefit considering that stress is a major problem all around the world.

When cycling there’s many muscles that are being worked out. Some muscles are targeted more than others, but overall is a great full body workout activity. We’re going to be looking at the main primary muscles and secondary muscles that are being targeted when cycling. While your leg muscles are obviously the main ones getting worked out, the arm muscles also play a role.

Primary Muscles Being Worked:

The lower body muscles are the primary muscles that are being worked out. Let’s look at each muscle that’s being primarily targeted when cycling.

Number 1 – The Quads

These are one of the biggest muscles being used. You automatically feel your quadriceps being targeted as soon as you start to pedal. And working out your quads is very important for many reasons, because they’re involved in almost every movement that you do when you walk. Working out your quads give you great stability in your knees and can also help you avoid a ligament injury.

Number 2 – Hamstrings

Hamstrings are another primary muscle being worked out when cycling. This muscle is very important for many reasons also. It’s been proven that tight hamstrings are a main reason for lower back pain. Working out your hamstrings is also a must for athletes, because most of your speed power will come from the hamstrings.

Number 3 – Calf Muscles

These muscles are constantly being used when peddling. But because most of the tension is in you upper legs when cycling, you might not know that the calf muscles are getting a hard workout too. These muscles especially get a deeper workout out when you stand up more and pedal the bike.

Number 4 – Glutes

The glutes are also like the calf muscles, in the sense that they’re constantly being worked out too, but don’t get the credit they deserve. And also the glutes are most active when you stand to pedal the bike.

Secondary Muscles Being Worked:

When cycling these muscle groups below are also being worked out, but not as much as the primary muscles mentioned above. So let’s look at some secondary muscles that are also being used when cycling.

Number 1 – Deltoids

Every time you make a turn and have to change direction the deltoids are being targeted.

Number 2 – Core Muscles

Riding a bike can be a great exercise for tightening up your core muscles. They’re being targeted whenever you need to balance yourself.

Number 3 – Biceps

Whenever you grip the handle of your bike, these muscles are being targeted. Also these muscles are used more when you lean forward in your bike as well.

Number 4 – Triceps

Like the biceps these muscles are also used when you grip the handles on your bike. Also with more speed and the more time you spend riding a bike, the more you will feel these muscles being used.

Number 5 – Lower Back

These muscles also provide you with stability when riding a bike. It’s important to have a strengthened lower back, so that you can prevent lower back injury when you get older. So this is one of the great benefits of cycling too.

So if you even wonder, what muscles does cycling work? This guide will have your answers. These are the main primary and secondary muscles being used when cycling. It’s a great activity for building leg muscle and also loosing a few pounds at the same time.

How You Can Build More Muscles Cycling:

building up leg strength

Now you might want to maximize the growth of your leg muscles when riding a bike. By doing these steps below you can gain muscle in your legs in no time.

Riding Your Bike Up Hills

This is a great way to strengthen up you leg muscles quickly. This is going to cause a lot of resistance in your lower body muscles. So when you’re pushing your muscles to the limit, you can guarantee they will get stronger and grow faster. When you’re barely starting this process of riding your bike up hills up, your muscles will quickly get fatigued. So with that being said it’s important to start off with smaller hills, and working your way up to bigger ones.

Bursts Of Sprints

Another great way to put some tension in your leg muscles. When you are out riding your bike, try and performs bursts of sprints once in a while. So you can make it a goal to spend about maybe 30 to 40 percent of your bike riding doing sprints. This will allow you muscles to rest a bit so that they can get the energy needed, then you push them back to their limit.

Ankle weights

There’s many people that use ankle weights when riding a bike, to maximize their leg muscle gains. Ankle weights makes your legs have to work harder, which helps you gain muscle a lot faster. When using these weights it’s important to know what you’re doing, so that you won’t get any injuries. So get good quality ankle weights that are meant to fit well, and not fall off your legs when ridding a bike.

With these tips you will have stronger and bigger legs in no time. It’s also important to note that just like any other activity, you have to stick to it. Nobody gets results with just one or a couple of times of performing an activity.

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