Race Report: Day Night Thriller 2012

by Duane Watene (originally posted on Facebook.)

What did you do for your birthday Duane?

Oh just rode my bike for 12 hrs.

Actually 11:26:37. Couldve got another lap out but was fully over it by then, the rain and the cold finally broke me. So that was the Day Night Thriller in Taupo for another year. 31 laps done. 180 odd kms in the legs. Huge thankyou to my support crew of Catherine Webb and Jeff Webb, without your help none of this would be possible. Thankyou to the Phillimores for the pie and encouragement, and the AvantiPlus Waitakere crew for all the support also (you know who you all are).

Was in 3rd for a while, but lost out in the final 4.5 hour sprint to the finish. Managed to place 4th in male, 5th overall. I got chicked, but Kim Hurst is a freak so Im ok with that haha .
I went through some good times, and some bad times, but no tears this year. Bike was great except I kept losing pressure in the front tyre. Oh well, gave me a good excuse to stop for longer at transition while the boys pumped it back up.
Its only my 2nd ever 12 hour solo and Ive learnt so much from last year. There comes a point where it is no longer a physical challenge, its a mental one. Thats when you have to dig deep to battle with the inner demons yelling at you to “STOP!!!!” Does help though when you have an outer demon yelling at you to HTFU and get back on yer bike. (Thanks Cat, love you).
Great event (pity bout the weather), Im so happy with how everything went. Great crew to hang and ride with, spa pool was epic.
Finally thanks to all those who passed me and offered words of encouragement. It might not seem much but it really helps when you’re deep in the box.

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