Road coaching course Level 1

report by Allan Postance

On Friday 26th Darrall Castle, Sean James, Morgan Smith and I (Allan Postance) headed down to Wellington to attend the course. I can’t comment for the others but I was a little nervous at the thought of two days in the class room , being that its somewhere I’ve actively avoided from early in my teenage years.
Friday night saw the 5 of us (we had been joined by Logan one of the GMC coaches) investigating the number of cyclists in the central city. We didn’t see many and we were pretty thorough even checking in the odd pub!
Saturday morning arrived and after a hearty breakfast we left with plenty of time for the walk on a clear but cool day to Wellington Sport where the course was being held. We were among the first to arrive (trying for brownie points to offset any scholastic
deficit) the group trickled in and was around 21 students and 3 educators.
Chris Foggin from bikenz was the course leader and was quick to put us at ease and gave us stickers with our names on so we didn’t forget who we were! A brief stand up and introduce ourselves to the group speech exposed the diversity of people and experience we were privileged to be among and then we were into the learning.
The content of the course itself was vast and thorough but presented in bite size chunks that even I could deal with. Foggie (Chris Foggin) was quick to make us all move to a new seat if he even sensed an eye glazing over.
The depth of knowledge and easy to understand delivery of the course content by Chris Foggin, Chris Willet and Matt Shallcrass made this pure gold. Discussion and bouncing ideas off other participants was actively encouraged and also invaluable .
We were sent off on Saturday evening with our homework and I shocked myself by agreeing with the other 4 that we would do it prior to heading out for dinner!
Homework complete and starving we found a pizza place and ordered 4 pizzas between 5 which sounded about right , when the pizzas turned up we could only fit 2 at a time on the table.
I do believe there are now 5 cyclists on a cheese free diet for a while .
Our itinerary had kindly been typed up by none other than Sandra my wife so we all duly followed it to the letter and had an early night!
Sunday was again a no mucking round straight into the learning day. In the early afternoon we all had to carry out a 10 min practical coaching session using the 6 other members in the groups we had been split up into as our victims and observed by one of the course presenters. Talk about butterflies it was worse than waiting at the start of round Taupo . Everyone did well there was a lot of humour and some amazing techniques and ideas. Soon after this it all drew to an end and there were 5 of us waiting at the airport extremely tired and looking forward to our own beds .
We now have three months to complete
Our accreditation tasks prior to being assessed and hopefully awarded certification .
A big thanks goes to Cycle West, Department of Cycling , and Bikenz for
This opportunity.

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