Road to Taupo

Wednesday 6th August AvantiPlus Waitakere hosted our briefing for the road map to Taupo.  Here are the details of the discussion on the night.

First, a couple of points to take note of.

  • The Sunday ride groups will be split according to goal time around Taupo
  • Just doing the Sunday ride is not a guarantee of your goal time, your own training needs to take place during the week to compliment this.
  • The Sunday rides are BUNCH RIDES and the aim is to ride as a bunch (Click Here to Read Bunch Ride Rules)
  • Lists will be on the window every Sunday to give you an idea of the groups and who the other riders are.  Please put your name on your planned goal time list.
  • There will be no nominated ride leaders for Sunday rides.  Groups will be self monitoring and riders should take note of who they are riding with and look after each other in the bunch.
  • If the bunch you are riding with is too quick on a day.  Tell someone you are dropping back to the next bunch and join the slower group who will be riding the same course.
  • Make sure you know where the ride is going or a few people in your group know before you leave.  Bunches need to follow the route mapped out. (see last point)

If you need more notes on bunch riding and road riding in general check out the Knowledge Hub

The Idea Behind the Rides to Taupo

The rides leading up to Taupo have been designed with the following in mind.  The rides are colour coded to the notes below.  This is a basic explanation of a build up in a training program to race day.

Base strength

  • Ride at endurance pace , 50-75% effort
  • Use long climbs as strength intervals
  • 10-15 mins intervals at 50-60 rpm
  • Constant pace (better to ride slower without stopping)
  • Speed is irrelevant
  • Great opportunity to bed down bunch riding techniques (click here for notes)

Strength endurance

  • Longer rides with high intensity finish (hill climb finish)
  • A release point will be introduced in bunch ride (Sundays)
  • Speed is not important at this stage
  • Intensity is important for the finish of your ride

Speed development

  • Time trial intervals at the end of rides
  • Release point or incorporate a time trial section towards end of the ride
  • Some shorter higher intensity rides

Race condition

  • This is all about your leg speed
  • Distances will be shorter
  • Higher intensity
  • Flatter rides

Weekly Rides

10th Aug – Sunnyside/Paremoremo                         82.89km

17th Aug – Helensville and back phase 1                87.65km

24th Aug – Phase 1 24/08/2014                               94.35km

31st Aug- Phase 1 Peak interval                               104.56km

7th Sept- Hell of a ride                                                      70.5km

14th Sept- Phase 1 interval from Helensville           89.87km

21st Sept– !st Wellsford Ride                                   120km

28th Sept- Makarau and back                                  114.55km

5th Oct- Town to Coramandel (to be confirmed)     180km (Supported)

12th Oct- Endurance 7                                             116.69km

19th Oct- 2nd Wellsford ride                                     120km (Supported)

Links to the maps for these rides are found in the bunch ride roster


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