Sunday 29 April Rides

Start time 7:30am sharp from the shop.

Long ride -75km

Triangle-Redhills-Old North-Taylor-School-Foster-Thursday TT loop-Waitakere-Tunnel

Just the ticket for getting ready for the cycle for life. For those that want to test out the leg speed – 2 laps of the TT course at pace would be a good measure, great to open up the legs, lungs and getting the feel for going hard followed by a quick climb at the end. Recommended that this is ridden as a group – work together hold a steady pace and reform at the top of the climbs.


Short ride -57km

Out and back Rec

Triangle -Taupaki -Waitakere -Hanham-Awa-Foster- School -Muriwai-School-Foster-Awa-Annandale-Cottle-Tunnel

A nice ride, undulating to keep it entertaining, good to keep the cadence up for the climbs, some fun downhills.

Have fun and ride safe


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