Sunday Ride Challenge

Please read carefully for this Sundays long ride.

We’d like to break everyone into teams of 6 riders.¬† Ability/speed isn’t too important as this is about bunch riding.
Prior to leaving Avanti, each team is to nominate an average speed for their ride.
The objectives:
  • Each team of 6 will need to work as a team, so bunch skills (and practice ) are paramount.
  • The more each team works together the faster/easier (and hopefully more fun!) this will be
Key elements:
  • Pacing: you will need to ride as a group which means looking after your slower and faster riders.
  • Drafting: remember – drafting is more than just staying behind the rider in-front of you. This is a good time to ride in “tight” formation – say 3×2, where the traffic allows, watching the gap between rows and utilizing echelon lines.
  • Climbing – although this weeks course is moderately flat, there are the occasional climbs. Try and stay in formation, as drafting works uphill as well.
The competition
  • The team that gets closest to their nominated average speed ( not necessarily the fastest ) wins a coffee and a chocolate fish
Please note as this is riding through built up urban areas you must be aware of traffic
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  1. Rob Norcross says:

    Rob, Great idea for this weekends ride Jeff ,good concept different course and terrain pity I cant make it . Be safe and enjoy

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