Sunday ride is on at 7am. (time change next week)

Sunday ride is on at 7am tomorrow

Hi guys

Special email to update everyone on Sunday ride tomorrow morning.

  • SUNDAY – Sunday Bunch Ride – 7:00 AM START
    This Sunday is a continuation of last Sunday’s efforts.  In preparation for the Flyer Mike has put together some notes to think about whilst on a different route to normal.
    This week the long ride will be split into smaller groups with the idea of concentrating on working as a team to get round the course.
    Please click here to read the notes and see maps for Sunday.

The ride will be following the same format as last week.  Click on the link above to read more.

There will also be a mid range ride which will be organized first thing in the morning with enough riders.

Jamie Till 100k flyer

100k Flyer Briefing night.

Wednesday 28th March 2012:  the support of the above event takes a lot of organization.  This is your chance to get all the information about timings of meals and transport.
Please email Rochelle here if you would like any further information.  As this date falls in the middle of ‘Shave for a Cure’ week there will also be some hairdressing on the night.
Tuesday 28th March 2012 briefing for Flyer at Avanti. See Facebook Event here

Remember the 100k Flyer briefing night on Wednesday night.  Arrive from 6.30pm onwards.

Rochelle will be finalising places onthe trip with DoC Saturday morning at 10am.  If you would like to join the DoC crew down there please email her by 10pm tonight.

Shave for a cure

Shave Down For Charity:

A few have decided to help the cause, who wants to join them:  Alan Parry and Elliot pearce have decided to shave for a cure.  This will be happening at the Flyer briefing on Tuesday 28th March 2012 at AvantiPlus.  If you would like to join the cause please email Alan  If you would like to donate to the cause please click here

Alan and Elliot are getting ready to shave for a cure.  See you there on Wednesday night.


Team at DoC!

p.s If you know someone who should be receiving this email, forward it on to them.

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