Swanson Hillclimb Results

Hillclimb was a blast. Saw some new expressions on some faces at the top, huge effort by all. A big thanks to Julia, Catherine & Sue for their help with the organization of the day.

We will be keen to run this event again if there is support so please post a response to this if you have any views or feedback. Alternatively send me a email.


Hillclimb Results Aug 2010


  1. PST (peoples sprint triathlete) says:

    Awesome event Jeff, I’ll be there next time.
    One word, TRIATHLON! Oh Yeah!

  2. I’m Keen to do another one of these events, What could we change?? Before or after Taupo?? Comment welcome


  3. I missed the event but I’d be keen to time myself on the course. Can someone describe the start and finish points?

    How about a longer hill climb, maybe up Mountain Road?

    Thanks for making it happen for cyclists out West.


  4. Start is opposite Swanson Play center and the finish is 1km up at the highest point before you get to O’Neills road. You should be able to click through to the map by clicking on the date on the calendar. No plans for a longer hill climb at this point and unfortunately Mountain Road is not an option for safety reasons. Feel free to post your personal times though, it might be interesting to see how quickly people going up there.


  5. Thanks Jeff,
    I rode once this morning – 2’29”. Not sure which was worse, that or the root canal job I had this afternoon!

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