Taupo/K2 Preparation Ride 26th Sept.

Title: Taupo/K2 Preparation Ride Sunday 26th September
Location: Parakai Hot springs
Description: Starting from Parakai we will be running 3 bunches through to Wellsford and back. Each bunch will be supported by a vehicle and a short ride option is available. We will finish with lunch at Parakai. Cost $15.00

There will be no bunch ride from Avantiplus today!!

Start Time: 08:00
Date: 2010-09-26

Cost: $15.00     Lunch included

Course Map Dist. 121km    Climbing  988m

Short Course Map Dist. 70km    Climbing 475m     (Same ride, but turns around at Glorit)

3 Bunches:  Under 5hr bunch 27km/h, 2nd bunch 24-25km/h, 3rd bunch  21-23km/h


  1. That’s a fairly tough course, the three climbs out of Kaukapakapa are quite brutal as a group, don’t over extend yourself on the first two :).
    Might I suggest for the future, that If you wanted a similar distance and quieter roads that you turn off at Araparera and go through to Warkworth. It’s a similar distance, you get a good climb in at Woodcock’s hill (that’s not a joke) and you will hardly see car all the way to Warkworth.

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