Te Rangi Hiroa and Birdwood Winery Estate reserve projects – a great chance to have a say in our Cycling facilities

Te Rangi Hiroa & Birdwood Winery Estate Recreation and Park Development Plan

The Henderson-Massey Local Board is seeking to improve Te Rangi Hiroa and Birdwood Winery Estate Reserve but needs a plan to guide and prioritize development.

A draft Park and Recreation Plan has been produced and we would like to hear your ideas on this plan and the future development of this reserve.

It’s Online here. To give your feedback, please complete the online submission form here  by October 26th.

A public open day will be held from 4-8pm on 23rd October at Starling Park, Glen Rd, where the community can view the plan, talk to the project team and provide comments.




  1. Damn good spot for a dedicated road racing course so desperately needed in Auckland and the club house is already built! And there was a tonne of money available locally for the National Cycling Centre… Get your comments in, it takes less than 5 mins.

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