Thursday Night Race Report

by Tony Kelly

It did not look great as I headed to Kumeu, it had started to drizzle and the wind had started to increase.  It was raining quite hard with some strong gusts of wind , everyone thinking “is it on or off”.

Jeff and Sean had the course all set up so it had to be yes, we are going to ride.

Marshalls sent to their stations and the first two were called to the start line, rain had stopped, wind was still there.  41 starters all finished a little tricky going down Tawa rd with some heavy gusts of wind.
Rex (T REX to some people) put on a great display on how to clean out a road side ditch, then rejoining the race.

Results 1st

  • Robin Page
  • Gary Duff
  • Blake Vela
  • Andrew Poulgram
  • Andrew Brown

Well done Robin he is 15 yrs old.

Se you all on Thursday.



  1. Brendan Mc says:

    Well done to all those hardy souls who rode last thursday. Some very strong gusts, I went for a little ride around the course and wound out the 13 tooth on my training wheel coming back into Kumeu! You chaps are brave!!

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