Thursday Race Administrator Needed

Catherine and Jeff have been running Thursday night Races for Department of Cycling for over 5 years now and time has come for the mantle to be passed on.  We are looking for an individual / group of individuals who are keen to take over.

Below is a list of duties that are performed on a weekly basis during the race season.

Lead up to race day and on the day

  • Organise people into their groups by their times
  • Work out handicaps for groups
  • Print off paperwork for registration
  • Arrive, open up hall and have registration set up ready for 5.30pm
  • Register riders on race night
    • Take payment
    • put rider in group
  • Do a rider briefing
  • Call riders up to start line
  • Set riders off at their allocated handicap times
  • Wait at finish line with video camera until all riders are through
  • Pack up registration area
  • Go to the Pub


Post Race

  • Watch video and write down times for riders
  • Work out actual time without handicap
  • Record on google doc
  • Put results on facebook
  • Bank money from race

If you are interested or know someone who is please get in touch with Bernadette –

A huge thanks to Jeff and Catherine for all of the time and effort put in over the years of work and dedication to make this such an enjoyable event and we hope they manage to visit us on Thursday nights in the future for some racing fun.

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