U 5hr Coaches Ride Notes (Aug 1st)

A few notes for this weeks ride, see link below

WARM UP,     The first 15-30mins of the ride should be easing into it. Ideally there would be a flat warm up section, but if not, then ride the hills at an easy pace, just sitting and spinning. USE YOUR GEARS!!! thats what they are for. You dont have to be out of the saddle and hammering on the first hill. Go into a small gear, and sit and spin up and have a chat to the person riding next to you. If you are riding two abreast, then ride at the same pace, dont subtly stat racing the rider next to you.This is a group ride, early in the season. It is not the Avanti World Champs.  THE MAIN PART of the ride, should be at a steady pace. The stronger riders may find this pace a little easy, and the weaker riders may be working hard to stay on. BUT…..and this is where you can all work together….the stronger riders can take longer pulls at the front, and the weaker ones can take only short pulls, or none at all. On any HILLS, keep the bunch formation a slong as you can. Last Saturday, at one stage I was riding up a hill on the front of the group, and setting a pace that was the sort of pace we should be riding the hills at, and 2/3rd of the way up, two riders go past me, out of the saddle and pushing the pace!!!    WHY????   I hadnt realised there was a prize for King of the Mountains that day!!!! All it achieved was the rest of the bunch gets splintered, the weaker riders feel bad that they can stay with the group, and the Alberto Contadors have to wait at the top getting cold!!! If its a windy day, as it was on Saturday, then its even more important to look after each other. Again, the stronger riders can take longer (not faster) pulls on the front, and also be prepared to help a struggling rider close a gap, or bridge across if they are slipping off the back. I didnt see much of that, instead I saw big gaps forming, and the stronger riders once again, riding off up the road and leaving the weaker ones to struggle on.  HOLD YOUR LINE. Its really important to hold a straight line. No swerving or sudden change in direction. And, on the hills also be aware that as a rider changes gear and stands, they will momentarily seem to stop moving forward, so give yourself room. Be prepared to change gear, or alter your pace. Again, thats what gears are for, so be prepared to use them and change up or down and keep your bike moving at the speed the bunch is travelling at. And BE AWARE of riders behind you, and that any sudden change of pace or direction, or suddenly letting a gap form, makes it harder for them to ride smoothy. Every reaction gets worse as it moves down the bunch, so a small swerev near the fron will magnify and be a major one 10 bike lengths further down.  The Sub 5 group is a ride that is working TOWARD the goal of riding Taupo in 5 hours or less. Thats several months away, and if we train progressively through the winter, and gradually build up our speed and Endurance, we will achieve that. The rides will gradually get longer and harder, and it is each riders responsibility to look after themselves and the other riders, so we are all able to stay together for that length of ride. By “look after” I mean to eat and drink enough to last the distance and pace, to pace yourself, so you are still strong at the end, and to look after the weaker riders so they will last the pace and distance as well. The speed we ride at now isnt that important. We need firstly to be able to ride together as a smoothly operating bunch, and then for that smooth bunch to gradually increase the distance we ride, and lastly, the speed we ride at.


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