Under 5hr Post Ride (Sept 19th)

Another good ride as a group, it’s great to see everyone contributing to the group. A few points to remember from the weekend

  • Keep the speed steady at the front, be prepared (from 2nd wheel) to take up the speed without letting it drop.
  • When exiting the front don’t slow down until you have moved out of the pace line.
  • Be prepared for the natural ebb and flow of the bunch and react accordingly, don’t panic.
  • “Keep you’re eyes up”, you need to have an eye on the front of the bunch to predict the bunch movement.
  • If you don’t feel you can take a lap at the front call riders in ahead of you or simply keep you’re lap short.

Next ride in 2 weeks, October 3rd. We will be heading into a hilly ride but the distance will be shorter. For this week, keep up the riding & get along to the nutrition night at Avantiplus on Wednesday night 7pm (23rd)


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